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northern lights

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hope its not the end!

In the Delhi rape case a new twist has come to light. It now transpires that  the sixth victim in this case  is a  minor and thus cannot be convicted.The tragedy is he was the most devilish of all those devils.He was most violent in this unfortunate incident. In an important development in the Delhi gang-rape case, the Juvenile Justice Board on Monday ruled that the sixth accused in the December16 incident is a juvenile. The Juvenile Board has said that the accused is a juvenile according to the birth certificate  submitted by the Principal of the school. He will become a major in June 2013.According to Juvenile Board rules,  an  accused can be sentenced  for three years, if convictedd.  The  petitioners are believed  to have petitioned to the Hon'ble Court to pronounce death sentence to the accused.It is frightening to think that after he becomes a major he will indulge in such heinous crimes  with a vengeance.

The Central and State Govts have agreed to reduce the age of attaining  majority from 18 to 16 years But this will be effective only from the date when the order to this effect is issued and not with retrospective effect. Lets hope that this not the end for punishing this rascal.


  1. The Board's decision is so sad and unfortunate especially in this case. When this 'juvenile' can act like an adult and commit such a heinous crime why shouldn't he be convicted like an adult?

  2. Exactly.This is the question on everybody's lips.

  3. Why we have such an ostrich view for things I don't understand. We only go by the letter and not spirit. He has not behaved as a minor, shown extreme brutality without any provocation, so he doesn't deserve the leniency, a minor deserves.

  4. You are right.The fellow must be be hanged.I am surprised that his family is supporting him. One of the six boys, in this case, has said they have commited a sin and they deserve death penality.

  5. The age is only a technical.
    There are instances where courts have allowed the woman ( below eighteen) to wed the man she chose, stating that the girl has proved in the discussion with her that she though a minor was competent to think and decide as an adult. Hence she need not be restrained under the reason of being minor.
    This abominable boy had the faculties to understand the gravity of his deeds and should be treated as a major and send to prison for life.
    Or do we have a guarantee that he will be a reformed adult after June 2013?

    1. In our country any thing is possible.They interpret the law according to situation.What a pity.! This demon will never change.If he is let free after six months,somebody will kill him.There is so much hatred and anger against him he will not be left scot free.