northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Conditional love

There are three conditions through which a man can be loved. The first conditional love is of a lady, who closes her eyes  when she loves you. Ah! Bliss. The second conditional love is  when the lady loves you when you are gone for ever, when you have become a memory.  Oh! How great! Third category is when the lady keeps her eyes wide open and shrieks,"How much love! What do you mean? I don't remember we ever loved each other."The first one is the initial love, the second is the mother's love and the third, forget it!!!

2d514474-672f-49c4-929e-6b3f8dc84559_zpsbca51962This post is written in response to
Write Tribe 100 words on Saturday  2014  # 11 prompt Conditional  Love.