northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dadi special low cal sandwiches

Sandwich and low cal?Is it  possible? How? So many questions seem to be flooding in from all sides. Why  not? Well I have  not only tasted them  but  even prepared them for my grand children. The main ingredient which adds to the calories ,butter, is omitted .Is it not strange?In place of butter, I tried  hung curd. Wow!! It  worked very well. I add green  vegetables  to make them nourishing for the children. To all this is added egg less  diet mayonnaise.,a favorite with children. I remember to add a little tomato sauce,few drops of olive oil, salt and pepper. I apply  the paste on a slice of bread and lo!! Children will finish it in a jiffy.
You may be thinking that this is sketchy sort of preparation as I have not mentioned any quantities. Here it is, to make six sandwiches we need -
  •  Two tbsp hung curd
  • Four spoons  grated cabbage, carrot, green bell pepper
  • Two tbsp mayonnaise
  • Two tsp  tomato sauce
  • Half spoon olive oil
  • Add  salt and pepper  to taste
  • Mix all the ingredients to make a smooth paste.  Cut the sides of the bread slices  and apply a thin layer of the paste.and serve. 
.Being a Grand mother  I am sure that children will love  them and ask for more. Good luck!

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