northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 24 July 2011

doggie days

I think that a dog is the most amazing animal on  the earth. It gives its master  unconditional  love. Our dog, Elsa, is a golden furred Labrador. Elsa is a female dog , living with us for the past ten years.My grand daughters simply love Elsa.In return Elsa dotes on the girls. When the girls come home , Elsa gets wild!!  She wants to be hugged by them first.  When the children  pat each other, Elsa shows her jealousy ..In fact, no one in our house can enter the house,  without patting her first.
 I have read somewhere that dogs are like philosophers  who understand every thing ,but do not tell. How true!!Our  daughter ,Jyoti .is mortally afraid of dogs since childhood.She was very upset, when we got Elsa, as a gift ,from Deepak's {my son}  friend Rana Chinna,  When Elsa was small, she tried to woo Jyoti, but she did not get  any positive response.Elsa understood Jyoti's  reticence and did not make any further overtures!!
Elsa loves biscuits.  The very sound of the opening of a biscuit tin makes Elsa restless and she starts drooling. I tried  a simple recipe to make  cookies  for Elsa. It was a big hit. Why not share the recipe with dog lovers? They will come closer to their pets. All  the ingredients are  readily available.
 Wheat flour        1 cup
 Grated vegetables like cabbage, carrot,  bell pepper,bottle gourd etc.  About 1/2 cup
 Knead the flour with all the vegetables.
 Keep the dough for some time.In the mean time pre heat the oven.Make 18 to 20 small balls from dough and put them on a greased tray for 20 -25 minutes, at 180 degrees farenheit  Remove from the oven and allow them to cool before you give a yummy treat to your doggie.

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