northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 24 February 2012

examination scare

Examination is here again!Almost every household is afflicted by the scare of Exams ,which strikes  at this time of the year.It is like a legacy passing on from generations gone by to  the youngest member of the family.Whether a child is in Class 1 or in the last class of school or college,no one can escape its clutches.. It is immaterial,what exam  the individual is appearing for.To each one his own!! Every stage is important.The transition from a lower class to a higher one is a challenge  not only for the examinees but for the entire family .

                We have all grown facing the onslaught  of an exam year after year.Whether it was  the initial class of the school or the last class of college or for that matter a competitive exam for appointment/promotion  in our profession, the psyche is the same.The stress and strain  engulfs everyone who is going to appear for the exam! Sometimes this tension filters down to the entire family.  As the exams approach nearer  all leisure plans, parties and outings are suspended  Every body forgets the age old dictum,'all work and no play' makes Johny a dull boy'.The child,who has to appear for the exams, needs some relaxation,something light, to refresh him and to enable him to have some diversion.This well earned  leisure will take him much ahead of those who  sit in front of books  brooding!
  It is very essential that the child should get adequate sleep.Some children take pleasure in stating that they study the whole night.This habit does more harm than good.A human body needs 6 to 7 hours of sleep every  day. A  good sleep refreshes,recuperates and rejuvenates not only our body but also our soul.It activates the brain.Prolonged and excess sleep  makes a person dull,listless and lethargic. Early to bed and early to rise is  an  age old saying that  still holds good.It inspires and invigorates the individual.
               The environment where the child  studies must be congenial.All clutter should be removed.A peaceful and clean surrounding  will go a long way in enhancing the will to read.
           The examinees,when preparing  for the exams, must take good and nourishing diet.One should never  skip breakfast. For the students preparing for the  exam it is all the more important to  have breakfast A boiled egg should form a part of the items served for breakfast..The meals should comprise  a healthy and nourishing combination of  food  items. The student   should take food which  has more protein's and less carbohydrates.Such food will give more energy and strength.Dry fruits like almonds , raisins, and walnuts can be consumed  as they act as tonic for the brain. Fruits should be given to the child at regular intervals. Fruit juices and lime water provide   lot of energy.Fluids have a quality to remove body fatigue  and release tension .I am giving below a recipe  to make Suji (Semolina) ladoo, which is tasty and nutritious.It is easy to make . I remember my Mom used to prepare  them and release one every day.    
  • Suji (semolina ) coarsely ground  2 cups
  • Sugar                                            1 cup
  • Milk                                              3/4th cup
  • Cashew nuts, almonnds,raisins    1/4 cup
  • Ghee                                             3 teaspoons   
  • Heat the ghee
  • Add dry fruits and  stir till golden in  colour   
  • After removing  the nuts, in the same vessel add Suji and stir till light brown   on slow heat.
  • Now add sugar and continue to stir  till the Suji is becomes  sticky.
  • Add milk slowly and carefully,stirring all the while ,so that no lumps are formed.
  • Keep stirring till the milk evaporates. 
  • Add the fried nuts and remove from the fire
Grease your palms and take little portions of Suji and form them  into lemon size balls. Keep them on a greased plate and allow them to solidify. When cool, store them in an air tight container.
With proper planning  the examination need not be a tear jerker but a pleasant experience!!Good Luck!!!                                                

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