northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 6 February 2012

Fun and Frolic

Ha,ha,ha ,,,,,,what's this sound? Where is it originating from? Ya,yah, yah, yes it is very much the sound of . laughter  emanating from the next room. Why should I not join? Laughter is infectious,yes more  infectious than  cold  or  cough.A broad smile  involuntarily surfaces on the contours of my lips.As I join the crowd this smile turns into uncontrollable  laughter. After all  laughter is a free commodity.It is under no trade mark,no limitation and no restriction. Its has no boundaries, no religion, no countries and no divisions. It is all pervasive!!A smile starts from the lips,a grin spreads to the eyes
                      A humorous person is  instantly  adopted  in any gathering.His pleasant demeanour,and strong  sense of  cheer binds him to others. Laughter is like a tonic. It acts strongly and effectively  to pull you out of any sort of stress.Laughter Clubs all over the city are an interesting site to watch. Fifty or  more people, with   hands raised high, laughing simultaneously at the pitch of their voice, release  not only  their tension but also of  the passers-by, who partake in this laughter  by default, leave their stress and tension  there itself. This is the effect of laughing It evokes a joint  spirit of togetherness and at the same time binds them and strengthens  their intimacy.Over and above it does not cost any thing.Smile and laughter will make your day sparkling with happiness!!
       In the work place, if a person is sociable and pleasing, he will be sought after  by everybody.It  is a powerful antidote to tension and conflicts,  it  eases  the atmosphere of burden and increases the energy  of the employees and induces  alertness in them.Have a hearty laugh at every amusing situation.Even on those days when the boss is in rage,  a  smile will make the situation lighter and bearable.In professions, specially teaching and medicine ,a smiling face can work wonders.
·         “A smile starts on the lips, A grin spreads to the eyes, A chuckle comes from the belly; But a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, overflows, and bubbles all around.”This famous quote  lays down that we should have full hearted and full throated  laughter. Imagine a  glum faced teacher entering your class and business like utters a few words, which  no one appreciates.On the other side a pleasant looking and a jovial teacher  attracts great  interest  and attention.The same is true of  Doctors.
      We should  consciously develop our sense of humour.We should not take ourselves too seriously.We have all heard the famous saying  Laugh and the world will laugh with you;cry and you will  cry alone.The word humour  in itself  ,when expanded contains the following elements, according to  my understanding.
      H  for    Hilarity
      U  for    Ulta-pulta
      M for    Mirth
      O  for    Oddity
      U  for     Upside down
      R   for    Revelry    
       I will conclude this piece with a quotation from Sebastien Chamfort--"The most wasted of all days is the day one did not laugh".In any case I agree with Arnold Glasgow that laughter is a  tranquiliser wity no side effects and as penned by Mary Poole "He who laughs, lasts"




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