northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 3 February 2012

Modern Gadgets Have they made life worth living.

Scientific advancement  has completely transformed 
the fabric of society.  It  appears that the world  has come closer. Gone  are the days when  it was an uphill task to contact your friends and relatives staying in distant places.   You had to completely depend on  the  red  coloured dome–like structure, the  letter box, fixed  in every  colony emptied three  or  four times every day.The   question frequently asked was, ‘when is the next  post?’ The  letters, which were treated as urgent,were hurriedly completed to  catch the next post. The   people used to  wait expectantly for the  postman to bring their letters  of  appointments, results,news from their  friends  relatives or  parents. The arrival of the postman  was  hailed. He too became a harbinger of joy, and  sorrows for some.The postman was a sort of family member partaker in the the joys and sorrows of the families.Now the post men  are a rare species.We oldies look at the transformation with awe and wonder at the speed with which the gizmo's are replacing the old order at a marvellous speed. But for the young  generation all this change is a routine matter.They proudly flaunt  their new acquisitions .Sms's and e-mails have have taken over as new modes of communication.Just by  pressing a button we can have access to any part of the world within a blink of the eye.It appears that we hold the whole world in our palm!!  I  remember that when I was in School(in the year 1950) we were asked to write an essay 'India in the 1980's.At that time we could not  even visualise onslaught of the wonders of technology at such a rapid pace.The mobile phones  have stormed the society as no other  invention.The mobile phone is no longer  a wonder which you can flourish  with pride as it is now become commonplace.It is a different matter that new features are being added to the mobile phones every day.
  Recently I finished writing my autobiography.This was a gigantic task This could be accomplished with the help of a computer.This is another marvel, which is the gift of  modern technology to mankind.You just press a button and lo! the whole world unfurls before  you.In its bowel are hidden all that is to be known.Whether it is entertainment, cooking, philosophy, spirituality, or name it and with a click of  the 'mouse' you have it!! Like Alladin  and his magic lamp nothing is impossible!!It is a wonder of wonders that you play gamesBridge,Scrabble,Rummy,Chess and several other games with opponents across the world.You can chat with friends and send or receive mail.This innocuous looking box keeps you wondering that what all is hidden within its belly.
   Another awe inspiring gizmo is the Skype.From the comfort of your home you can, not only speak. but have a tete-a tete with friends and relatives face to face.It is a boon for the people who  live far away from their  dear ones and can freely converse within the precincts of their privacy. 
  There are innumerable  wonders which are the gifts of advancement of knowledge.They have made life  more comfortable and satisfying.From morn to eve you are surrounded by all that is beautiful and wonderful.Early morning you go to the wash room,keep your hands under the tap and water starts flowing freely, come to the dining table and steaming hot  breakfast  is ready with the microwave. Go to office in an air conditioned car without sweating  and swearing.In the office you are surrounded by a multitude of gadgets, waiting to assist you and make your  working enjoyable.Go home and relax in your electronic blanket.No struggle, no labour and no pain.                                     


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  1. only weight gain.. hahaha... ending your last line , ushaaunty if you dont mind...but very nice blog..