northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 21 April 2012

From my kitchen diary part v

In response to my post  'From my kitchen diary' many friends have  expressed their wish to prepare something  which is typical Multani. A multani dish, Kadhai wali subji,  recipe was posted in my kitchen diary part (i,) which was appreciated by many friends. Today I am giving  a recipe which is very popular  with people with  originating from Western Punjab.The procedure is  quite time consuming but the end result is so good that we don't mind preparing  it occasionally.It is known as 'Doli ki roti'.This roti is a favourite with all Multanis.It requires fermentation of wheat flour.The fermenting agent is prepared in the following method
  Step 1
  For this the following ingredients are required (1). big ( 2).cloves....five( 3). poppy teaspoon (4)nutmeg ...One (5) small piece  (6)  jaggery....six  teaspoons . These six items are boiled in 500 ml. water for five minutes. This concoction is kept in  a bowl, well covered and wrapped in a woollen  cloth , and placed in a warm place for 24 hours.This concoction is used for preparing the base for the dough.
Step 2
Take one cup of whole wheat flour and make a paste  with the concotion .The paste should be of the consistency of dosa/ pakora  paste.The paste  is again kept in  a warm place for  about 24 hours, Bubbles  will be formed  in the paste. The fermenting agent  is now ready.
 Step 3
Mix it well in  four cups of wheat flour and half a cup of suji. Knead it  with warm water like  a dough  for Poories. This dough is again kept for about two hours for rising in  a fairly big container.The flour will rise to almost  its double volume.
Step 4  
Now make equal number of balls. These balls should be flattened  within the palms of both hands. of approximately 3 mm thickness.Deep fry them on medium heat till golden brown .
  This roti can be taken with  any curry. We  can prepare the roti with a filling of Chana Dal or chicken/mutton keema.These rotis can be kept for three or four days.  
 Another  recipe which I am sharing with friends is Dahi Ke Kebab which is very simple to prepare and very delicious. The ingredients required are;
1. Hung  curd   1/2 cup
2.Paneer(cottage Cheese)  1/2 cup
3.Bread slices(with sides cut)   3
4. ginger, garlic paste  1 teaspoon
5 salt      according to taste
6 pepper powder  1/4 teaspoon chili       1finely cut
8.coriander leaves 2 teaspoons
Mash the hung curd and cheese very finely.Add salt, pepper powder, ginger.garlic paste,  green chili and crushed bread slices. Mix very well.Make balls and flatten them in the shape of kebabs.  Shallow fry them in a frying pan. Yummy kebabs are ready. Children will love them. 
And now some useful tips for the kitchen;-
  • To bring shine to aluminium vessels just boil  some apple peels in it.Rinse and dry the vessel . It will get its original colour.
  • To clean copper bottom from vessels  simply scrub and  rinse them with tomato soup paste.
  • To remove stains from non-stick cook-ware,simply boil it  with 2 table spoons of baking powder and  white vinegar for 10-12 minutes.The next time you use the pan  use some olive oil to season it.
  • For cooking lentils add little turmeric and sesame oil. This will enhance the taste.
  • While making dough for rotis and paranthas add a little malai(thick layer formed on the milk after boiling).The rotis will turn out to be very soft.

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