northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 13 August 2012

A woman sees another woman

In the past few months  I have been watching  serials on TV depicting various issues pertaining to women.The issues highlighted range from unwanted girl child, dowry, child marriage, domestic violence and many other related  subjects.These are all serious  matters.I just pondered  whither women?
  Actually  women are frail and delicate as compared to  men who are of a stronger build and are aggressive by nature.Women are  more receptive, patient and calm than  men. The women are  as intelligent as men.Why is it that the women do not hold the place of prestige  in the society.Since times immemorial  women have been looked upon as meek, obedient and under the control of men whereas  they  are more amenable to suggestion and  stronger in their  convictions.
      Women are generally  looked down upon   all over the world. In India  too the position of women is no better.  .Even educated  ladies  have to face the male dominating attitude. I have seen working women who are in mortal fear of their husbands. Just sample a daily routine of an average working  lady . Before she leaves for her work place ,she has to prepare breakfast  for the family, prepare and pack  tiffin for  her husband and the children and  other  miscellaneous  jobs  like keeping clothes for the family etc. There is no count of the household jobs. By the time  she reaches the work place , she is already exhausted. Once there, she has no relief. Completing the targets,and going through new  cases, she has assignments to be completed and dead lines to  achieve.. On reaching home .she cannot rest. Washing clothes, preparing dinner, helping the kids  in their school home work and multifarious other works waiting to be looked into, need her attention. All this while the Lord and Master of the house is taking a nap after a 'hectic'day in office. What an irony!.He proclaims that  his madam is the master of ceremonies in their household. Even if the lady is not a working woman  the whole day  she has to slog. Hubby and the kids maintain some discipline when the lady goes out for work. But when she is around  they are all relaxed.
       In many houses the working lady has no right on her own earnings.She has to hand  over  her salary to her husband.She is given an amount which is a pittance.In such circumstances the mutual trust and understanding between the couple is completely missing. The madam  keeps away some amount  stealthily .  As a drawing and disbursing officer in my office  some  ladies had requested me not to divulge their salary  to their husbands. They are frequently  beaten by the 'Superior Ones' for not obeying them. All this  is part of domestic violence. The Government has declared this sort of harassment as  illegal  but hardly any one reports to the police out of  fear.
  Another factor which is belittling the women is the taunts and hostility for producing a baby  girl, not only by the husband but his entire family. Many a  time  the innocent  baby girl is  neglected by her kith and kin. A great issue is made by the  husband and his family for bringing  very little or no dowry by the girl.Such garish behaviour  in  cities  is very common. It is a matter of shame  that even educated women are  subjected to such atrocities.  A great factor which is responsible for the  degradation of women is illiteracy. If this is  the state of  affairs  in cities right under the nose of the Govt. what will  be the fate of  illiterate  women and those living in slums and villages.
 Gender discrimination is  also contributing  to all violence and atrocities  against women. The girls step out of their secure homes unaware of the evils of rape, sexual harassment and trafficking in the world outside the sphere of security of their homes.Such issues are like a cancer which is corroding and destroying the very fabric of the society.
 Government is doing a lot  for the  betterment of women and giving them the respect and honour which they deserve. Our country has produced  several women who have made India proud but much more has to be done. Many  Women's organisations are also working in this direction. A country  which has produced Women as President ,Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and achievers  in all fields  deserves to make women  respectful  and honoured in the society. In the words of the great  Saint ,Teacher and  Philosopher, Swami Vivekananda,"It is impossible to think about the welfare of the world unless the condition of women is improved. It is impossible for a bird to fly on only one wing.” 



  1. First of all,,,I have shared and posted this article on my twitter account and G+
    In my opinion situation is changing now.In large cities,women have taken to serious professions and rightfully asking and getting equal space.There are exceptionsperhaps.In my view,women even liiving in District centres have became "brave".
    With girls getting educated,extra disposable income being available at th efamily levels,access to internet and TV has motivated them to look for greeener pastures and I think they are succeeding.
    Do you see a girl in her 20s who will accept such treatment when she marries a few years later?

  2. I agree that things are changing.I have already written a sequel to this this article, which I will post today. Actually I did not want both issues(negative and positive) in the same post. Let everybody know the shark reality and then a streak of hope in the next post. Wait for it.

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