northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Woman sees a Woman ii (a sequel)

In continuation of my article posted yesterday I wish to state that the situation is slowly changing. Educated women are well aware of their rights.Their husbands have realised that  women must be given a place of prestige and honour in the family In our circle of relatives and friends  equality is the  secret. Similarly many others  who have come to face reality have eradicated thoughts of gender discrimination, female  literacy and domestic  violence from their lives.
    It is heartening to know that in  certain backward areas too, this enlightenment is slowly but surely dawning upon the populace..Opening of factories on a large scale have provided employment opportunities for  women.This has enabled women to  become financially independent to a great extent. The tyranny of biological distinctions  are  also on the wane. In many villages the Pradhans are females.They are selflessly  making efforts to wipe out the evils from the  society and bring a streak of hope and   brightness. Thus the impact of patriarchs is  diminishing to   some extent, the signs  of which are visible to all., 
  In some states of India  Matriarchal system is already in existence since time immemorial. Here Woman are  treated with great respect.They are the undisputed  heads  of families holding all rights  to property and  consequently of   the  off springs. Based on the success of this practice    the Courts have  passed judgements that the females of a family have equal rights  in the property in their parental  homes.

The women have to prove their talent against the world who see them as merely vassals of producing children. The Indian woman has to make her way through all the social prejudices against her.They have started climbing the ladder of success and thus  we see a strong  and bright light in the horizon.

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  1. Aha ,This is what I commented on the first issue