northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The spirit of Onam


   Onam is here again!!A festival of Kerala,it is celebrated by all communities, with a spirit of comradeship , togetherness and unity.Such festive spirit is rarely visible   in other festivals.. A Malayali, where ever he may be ,will  be enthusiastic about Onam.  There is a saying in Malayalam  that even if you have to sell your belongings,you must  celebrate Onam.  The festival  enthuses  every one,young or old,  rich or poor. Actually the festivities continue for the whole month.  Onam is a festival of flowers , rejoicing and hilarity

Floral decoration
 In olden days the festivities were generally restricted within the family. With the passage of time  the celebrations have reached  the pinnacle. From the precincts of the households the festival is now all pervasive. The  shops, business establishments and  offices all celebrate the festival  with  great fervour and enthusiasm.  They arrange special feasts for the employees. Decorations are  exemplary .All this is enough  to mesmerise  everyone.
  This   time is ideal to visit Kerala.  The Festive spirit  is visible  even  in Nature. Every thing is in plenty.The coconut and palm trees spread a nostalgic breeze and a  flavour  which is  no where available. The famous Boat races  are also  held during this time of the year.This attracts lots of tourists from all over the world.
 Shopping is an integral part of this festival. All shops store  plenty of  articles connected with this festival. Special schemes and discounts are offered to the  buyers. The highlight of the festival is the feast, sadya,  All  delectable Kerala  special  recipes are prepared.They include Avial, Erissary. Olan ,Kalan and many other delicacies.The centre of  attraction is the Payasam.

Tempting Sadya
    Every malayali takes pride to be a part of all the celebrations to welcome their dear king,Mahabali  who is supposed to be in the Netherland(pataal  Lok) and visits  his subjects every  year.Happy Onam to everybody.


  1. I have some friends fom Kerala.I can vouch for the taste in the Malayali food.It is awesome

  2. In one of my previous blogs, I had written recipes of Kerala food.

  3. Yes,I have shared this on twitter and Google+