northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 2 September 2012

From My Kitchen Diary

Hi, friends. Today  I propose to  jot down recipes of   some Desserts..Those who have a sweet tooth search  for sweets after dinner.Previously  in many  households after dinner, a sweet  dish used to be a part  of the menu. Now this practice is  not very  common. Today’s recipes   which I have selected are  Snow  pudding, Paripu payasam  and Chocolate pudding.

Snow Pudding

1. Milk  1 litre.
2. Eggs   3
3. Vanilla essence  ¼ Tsp
4. Sugar      100 gms
5. Custard powder vanilla flavour  I Tsp

Keep the milk in a heavy bottomed wok or any other  pan which is wide in circumference When the milk  starts boiling, lower the flame and add custard powder  (dissolved in two/three tea spoons of water)and sugar. In the meantime take the eggs and break them very carefully so that the yolk does not  mix with the whites. Stir the yolk and add to the boiling milk. Stir the milk. Now whisk the egg whites . till they  become  very fluffy.This is very important.  The success of the  recipe depends on the fluffiness of the egg whites. Now back  to the boiling milk. “With a tablespoon take  a spoonful of fluffy egg white  and  carefully add to the milk.”  Repeat this  from “to”till the egg white is over. The egg whites will flow in the milk like snow balls. The floating  balls look like snow. Carefully transfer the pudding to a bowl and refrigerate.

Parippu payasam

1.Yellow moong  dal ½ cup
2. Jaggery    200 gms.
3. Coconut milk 400 ml.litres(available in tetra packs or paper cartons)
4. Dried ginger Powder(sundh) one pinch
5.  Cardamoms  3 or 4
6. Fresh coconut pieces  finely cut  1/4 cup
7. Butter I tbsp.

Method :-
Dry roast the yellow moong dal   in a  pan till it becomes brownish. Then boil the dal in ½ cup of coconut milk mixed with  equal quantity of water.till the dal gets cooked. Now add jaggerry ,boiled in  ¼ cup of water. Let this cool for 10 mts   Now add  the rest of the coconut milk. Remove  from the fire after a couple of minutes. Now heat the butter in a small fry  pan and roast the coconut pieces. Add it to the payasam. The remaining butter may also be added  to the payasam. Garnish the payasam with  cardamom powder.

This Payasam can also be made with  green moong dal, chana dal and white beans.

These two sweet dishes  are relished by  every one in the family. I hope my friends will cook them and  will appreciate them. Today’s write up  has become  too lengthy so the chocolate  pudding   mentioned above, is postponed for the next  cookery  article Till then Bye.


  1. Hi,I have shared this post on twitter and Google+

  2. Thank you aunty! Look forward to trying the Payasam one day - both in terms of cooking it myself and eating it at your place!

  3. the recipes given are mouth watering. The thought of Payasam made me nostalgic when my Mother used to make it on festivals and birthdays.