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northern lights

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Salutations to a teacher

Today, on the occasion of Teachers’ Day my thoughts go back to more than half a century when a  young  girl entered the portals of an academic institution  as a teacher. This innocent  girl  faced an interview board for which she had prepared extensively and intensively for days together.  The works of Shakespeare, Milton, Hardy.Virginia Wolfe ,,,from the ancient to modern times… you name any author…. And it was on her finger tips.  In the committee room  she faced the stern and grim faces of the members of the Board who did not arouse  any confidence in the mind of a timid looking girl.  The questions  that came out of their   minds were no questions at all. It was honestly speaking an informal  tete-a-tete. She did not understand when the interview  started and when it was over  She only knew when the judgement was pronounced “You have been selected.” The girl was flabbergasted!  Thus began  a journey  of a  an inexperienced girlas a teacher. The interview was a sort of cake walk.

For the  would-be teachers of  today, there is  tough  competition.  Those days  female literacy was just picking up. Educated  females were  inadequate  to undertake   a career. Thus  for the  girls  selection was  easier then. Now  after  a tough  interview, the teachers do not find the sailing  very  smooth,  harmonious  and  peaceful.  The pupils are no longer  meek and and submissive. Moreover the  dicta  which are laid down  for them, do not allow them to be assertive and   effective  disciplinarians.They cannot even scold the student. Even mild beating is  not permissible. Over and above, the rule  that there will be no exams  has added another confusion in the minds of the teacher community. The old saying  that "spare the rod and spoil the child" is for ever true. I don't mean that I am in favour of corporal punishment but the fear must be there. The teacher who is the back bone of the society must be given  some latitude. The Teachers bring out untamed talent of the pupils, sharpen them by imparting them  good academics.  Old time teachers will vouchsafe that  their students are holding high positions in Society. There are Administrators, Executives, Doctors, Engineers, Judges, Prime Ministers ,  and what not. The list is unending.Teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions.  A famous quote I read some where says"a good teacher is like a candle; It consumes itself to  make a way for others." On this Teachers Day let us  salute the TEACHER. A teacher who is even greater than the parents. In the words of Aristotle "Those who educate children well are more to be honoured than parents, for these only gave life, those the art of living well." 

(Incidentally  I may mention that the girl mentioned  above  is  none other than me.)


  1. Very interesting .
    Happy teachers day.
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  2. Wow!! That was interesting!
    Times have changed a lot since then and it's a sad state today!
    Salute the spirit of teachers!

  3. Thank you, Shilpa, for your encouraging words.