northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

From My Kitchen Diary xi

From My Kitchen Diary xi

 Salad : mixed salad

 Salads are an integral part of a good meal.Without a salad the   dining table looks  incomplete. Salad making is  an art. With ones ingenuity and creativeness  one can  transform any vegetable or fruit  into a delectable and  presentable salad.  Today  I am penning a few salad recipes which are  not only a treat for our palates but also presentable  and nutritious.1.Beetroot Salad
Beetroot   2 medium size
Carrot       1 medium
Cooking oil  1 tbsp
Green Chillies    2 
Lemon               1
Coconut Grated   1/4 cup
Salt      To taste.
  Grate the beetroot and the carrot.Lightly mix  them together. Keep a wok on the  fire, add  beetroot and carrot and stir for a couple of minutes Add 3/4  of the grated coconut and salt  and remove from the fire. Keep it in the frig.Just before serving add  the juice of  one lemon.Make it presentable by  arranging the  remaining  coconut and green chillies on the top. Serve cold.
2.  Green salad:-
 Salad Leaves  4 or 5
 Cheese cubes ..3
Tomato       2 medium
Walnut    3
 Plum  6  (or any other seasonal fruit)
 Mayonnaise   2 tbsps
 Vinegar        3 tbsp
 Salt   to taste
  Wash and dry the salad leaves,Cut them coarselyDry roast the walnuts. Cut the cheese into small pieces.Cut the tomatoes into small  pieces Deseed the Plums.  Add salt.Mix all the ingredients,Now add mayonnaise, and in the end add vinegar.The Salad may be decorated with walnuts and fruits.
This Salad, if taken with bread slice  can be a  full meal in itself.
  3 Corn Salad :--
  Corn seeds  1 cup
  Tomatoes  2
  Onions  2 small
  Green peas  1/4 
   Broccoli      2 florets
   Salt      according to taste
   Pepper  powder  One Pinch
   Salad  Dressing(Recipe given below)  About 3 tbsps. 
  Steam  the corn seeds, Peas and broccoli, each separately.Tomatoes and onions  can be cut thin round slices. Arrange the salad in a platter in the following sequence
In the centre keep the corn. 
   2nd circle--- we can arrange the tomatoes   
   3rd  circle,,,, arrange the peas
   4th circle ,,,,arrange onions
   5th circle,,,,Brocoli
Sprinkle salt and pepper and  spread  the salad  dressing on all the vegetables. Serve cold.  
  Salad Dressing   Take 1 cup of vinegar(preferably the red one),  1/2 tsp mustard powder, Oregano 1 pinch, honey  2 tbsps. and  olive oil 2 tbsps. I use this concoction in most of the salads that I make. Its sweet and sour taste and exqusite aroma  will tempt any one to  sample it.



  1. Wonderful recipes, Can we make the salad dressing in good quantity and refrigerate, so that we can use it as and when we want?

  2. Thanks Meenakshi for liking the recipes. The salad dressing can be kept in the frig for a week or so. If we keep it longer the vinegar will lose its flavour.