northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 25 March 2013

A carnival of flowers

A carnival of flowers,

Scintillating bowers !!

Colourful and bright, aah

 What an amazing sight !!

Where is the artist hiding,

Filling the colours so exciting !!

Red, blue, purple and white,

Dancing, smiling with all their might !!


                Rows and rows of orange bright,admiring their image in  the mirror  night-light.

                             Birds, animals  and the bowers,merry making after the showers.

                                               An   artist's play with nature  divine.

                                                 A treat  for  the eye,oh, you pretty butterfly.

                                     Drooping lanterns captivating the human mind

                                                    Carpetting  over wilderness.
                                                           Purple Lacing  of  Delight

Pictures  Courtesy Google


  1. Very nice colourful flowers.
    Talking of colours...HAPPY HOLI

  2. WOW!! such a refreshing, colorful carnival so beautiful!!
    Wishing you and your family A very happy and colorful Holi..Extend my warm regards to Sir and hugs to your grand dotty.. :)

  3. woww....beautiful...I love flowers..

  4. A beautiful and befitting tribute to flowers and the Maker. Images are absolutely delightful.