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northern lights

Saturday, 2 November 2013

My solution for Delhi Manifesto

 Yesterday I submitted my Delhi  Manifesto, in which I took up some of the burning issues which are of great concern for the common man.  Today I am making an attempt  to present solutions  to the problems raised in  the manifesto. Some of the problems are so deep rooted and intense that  they can be solved only if there is a political  and social will to eradicate them.
  1.First of all I will take up the problem of corruption.Corruption is the mother of all evils in the country.It is so deep rooted in the fabric of  the whole system, that it is difficult  to eradicate it from the system. Its tentacles are spread from top to bottom. There is already a law that a person standing for an election must declare his/her assets. If the assets are disproportionate to his source of income,he should be boycotted.In fact, there should be a rule that the following category of people should not be allowed to contest an election and they should not hold any position of power.
  i.those  who are implicated in court cases
 ii. those who have  not studied up to graduation
 iii. those who are in prison
 iv.those who are living against the accepted social norms and
 v. those who have loose moral conduct.
 If only honest people are on the top, corrupt practices will be curbed to a great extent.
 vi. The punishment   for those found  following corrupt practices must be severe and punitive.
 vii. At lower levels, people found indulging in corrupt practices must face strict action, including expulsion from service.
2.Housing problem can be solved to a great extent if:-
 i.Group housing societies, where flats are under construction, need to be expedited.
ii.Government  may shift some of  its establishments  outside Delhi. New satellite townships may constructed within NCR  which must be linked to the capital  efficiently.
iii. Private establishments must also follow  suit. No new establishments may be permitted to function from Delhi.
iv. Night shelters with blankets must be provided for poor people on nominal rates.
3.Food Supply
i More outlets may be provided for distribution of wheat, rice  sugar  at subsidised rates. At present only some poor people get wheat, rice and sugar, whereas  most of the poor don't get sugar. All  poor families must be treated at par.
ii. Recently most of the poor  were provided gas stoves and they are given gas cylinder at subsidised rates. This facility must be extended to all persons living below the poverty line. Moreover, the  quantity of wheat  must be enhanced.
iii.The quality of rice and wheat  must be improved.
iv.Every year the prices of onions touch the sky. What to speak of the poor, even the  middle  income people feel the pinch. Such a situation is created due to hoarding of  onions by the whole sale dealers, which is very much in the knowledge of the authorities, who matter. Such  'man made' shortages  lead to corruption,which must  be made a  punishable offense
4.Pollution must be controlled  by having a strict check on factories using chemicals and other combustible materials to  follow the prescribed rules.In case of non compliance their license must be cancelled.No fresh license should be issued to start  factories in the city.
ii, All vehicles must be regularly checked and bear a certified that they are pollution free.
5. All roads must be constructed using better material. Due ti corrupt practices at each stage the end product  is much below the standard requirement.Cleanliness, hygiene,and  water logging are the result of  corruption, lethargy, and lack of interest towards duty. Strict action must be taken against those who do not perform their duty with sincerity. Government employees who have a 'sab chalta hai' attitude must be  terminated.
6.Children must not be treated like 'dumb driven cattle' to fill the gap wherever required. Dignitaries for whom children are made to stand for hours, hardly notice them.
7. When  the dignitaries move out, normal traffic must not be suspended for long hours. Normal life is very much affected ,when VVIP's are on the move.
8. The problem of begging, trafficking of girls, etc. can be dealt with strict control,without resorting to corrupt practises.
 Most of the problems can be tackled within the prevalent laws and regulations. We have enough man power and sufficient funds are also available. The only thing missing is the WILL TO PERFORM, and the DEDICATION.

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  1. Madam,both the manifestos I surveyed.If the essence of those extracted and included in the menuof administration we can reach the heaven here itself.
    A common platform where in the social media should be created to vote for calling back corrupt authorities by the common man should be built.

    1. Thank you Sarala.I agree corruption is the malady for all the problems of our country.

  2. even I believe that if we try to curb down corruption... many of the social evils can be controlled. Brilliantly written post

    1. Thank you Rajlakshmi. I am glad you liked my suggestions.