northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 15 November 2013

Question answer session.

 The following questions were given by my friend, Asha, to the bloggers, whom she has nominated for the Liebster's Award.I found the questions very interesting.I am submitting the aanswers  in my own way.

 1.  If you could learn one skill, what would you 

  Ans. If God gives me strength  and time,I would love to learn Rafting.

 2.   Your major goal in life.

  Ans   I have achieved everything in life.I have lived a life of fulfilment. My husband is my 
     friend, philosopher and guide. Whatever I am today is  because of his support.I have a
     well knit family. Our children are very affectionate.We are leading a peaceful retired life.      
3.   What’s your favourite motivational quote?

Ans.  I was very much motivated by Gandhi ji's  saying," I praise loudly, I blame softly." I  use  this dictum very liberally. 

 4.   How do you de-stress yourself?

    I de- stress my self by playing  'mind jolt games' on FB or by meditation.

5.   The  traditional food you like most ?

  Ans. I love steaming hot idlis and coconut chutney. I can have idli  for all the three meals. 

6.   Your favourite game in your childhood?

  Ans. My favourite game  as a child was  'hop scotch'. 

7.  Do you think technological advancements have made us less creative. YES/No.justify
  your choice.

Ans.   I think that the advancement of technology has made us more  creative. We can
    have access to the whole world, with  one press of a button and can learn innumerable 
    new things, to cultivate  our creativity. 

8.   In today’s scenario. If you were to raise a child,  How would you raise him/her?  A   sheltered life like in a bubble shielding him/her from the various problems or would you let her/him  freely to explore, experiment and learn by exposing them to the harsh realities of life and be independent.

Ans. If I have to raise a child, I will give him/her a very protected life till he/she is an infant.As he/she grow up I will allow him/her to  be less dependent. Once he/she is an adult, I will allow him/her to take decisions independently. 

9. If you were to narrate an inspiring story of a person from history/fiction/ real life to a 10 year old. Whose story would you choose to narrate?

Ans.I will narrate the life of Smt. Indira Gandhi.  I have great respect for her. Even though she made mistakes in life( after all she was a politician and all politicians are alike in many ways), but the way she fought against so many 'wolves'  is exemplary.  In fact she was the only 'man' in  the  cabinet  who took  decisions(right or wrong), which  brought our country on the world map..

10. If a  confused teenager came up to you asking for advice on what career choice to make. What would be your advice?

Ans.I will advise him/her to follow  his/her own  heart and not allow any one to pressurize him/her.


  1. very wise and well balanced answers, Ma'am. Thank you. hop scotch was one of my favorites too. Liked your take on all matters. Thank you so much for answering them:)

    1. Thanks Asha. The questions were so interesting that I could not resist myself.

  2. The preference for rafting skill surprised me.I like the quote 'Praise loudly;blame softly'.We have same taste and inclination for idly and thengai chutney!!

    1. Thank you KP.Do you have idly for breakfast daily.?

    2. Not daily.Starts with idly,dosa,ootthappam,,then upma,adai and again idly etc.But idly is oftener than others.

    3. The same routine as in our house.

  3. Lovely answers!!! All of them!

  4. Answers just about fit the bill

    1. Thanks BK. I know you disliked one answer.

  5. I'll remember the quote "praise loudly and blame softly" Ushaji, hard to practice but is very necessary.

    1. Thank you Reshma. I used this quote as a routine in my office. I never rebuked anyone in front of other employees. Words of praise were spoken in front of others.