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northern lights

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Who is rich

Who is a rich person!! It is a universally accepted fact that a person who is in possession of a large  amount of money, who has lot of gold, who lives in a big bunglow, has a big chauffeur driven car and other objects which he flaunts with  great pride, is a rich man.Every one has read the story of King Midas, who was crazy  for increasing his wealth. Such was his craze that he even he asked god to turn his only daughter into gold. He realised his folly when it was too late. However, we are not interested in how he realised the truth. My aim is to dwell on the aspect whether riches bring happiness to a person.He does'nt get sleep out of fear  that   his money will be removed by some one, There is another story when a so called   wealthy man,  instead of  spending for the  good health for  his sick  wife and two children gave them some Bhasma, given to him by some road side quack.  What a pity! He was never contended
                                   Have another look at a person who is working as a Mali in some Minister's bunglow.He is hardly able to  meet his requirements  But when he keeps his head on the makeshift pillow,he immediately falls into deep slumber.. He eats a meager meal of roti and raw  onions. Even this much is sufficient for the poor man. This man, let us call him Garib  Ram, has no squabbles in life. The rich man looks down upon this poor man, who in reality, is much more contented.
     Just have look at this situation! Mohan, wants a watch, as his exams are quite  near. He asks his  multi millionaire father, Amir Singh , for money for the watch. The father was reluctant to give money to the son, because he felt is was a wasteful expense. After pleading for more than two days, the father  succumbed to his son's request. He had a thousand rupee note in his cash.He had no alternative,but to give it to his son. He warned his son to buy the cheapest watch, "You want a watch only to see the the time in the examination hall.*Mohan was happy and also surprised how brilliantly he  made his father  part with thousand rupees.He came home  and flaunted his new thousand  rupee  watch. Every one praised the watch. When Amir Singh came home ,Mohan showed the watch to his father. Oh God! such a costly watch.I have lost every thing. He fainted and fell down on the  cushioned  floor.The doctor was summoned. Mohan told the truth to the doctor. The doctor decided to teach Amir Singh a lesson. He prescribed  costliest medicines and injections for the speedy recovery of Amir Singh. The Doctor presented a bill of 50,000 rupees to him  Amir Singh was shocked to see the bill. Seeing his reaction,.he also advised Amir Singh  that money is not for keeping in lockers and \ secret places. It has to be spent for the welfare of others. Amir Singh bowed his head on the doctor's feet. 
  What do you think, was he reformed forever ?

This is a fictional story.
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  1. I think RICH people like to show off they won't mind their children wearing costly watches ,this Amir Singh is miser than rich. RICH in my opinion are Random Income Collecting People


  2. You are rich till money can't buy you what you like