northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Where to go!

Ah, my thoughts are only for you

Those days gone, wish they are back.

Hand in hand, our dreams were one,

merrily, happily, gaily and cheerfully

two hearts together, never did they part.

I was the apple of your eyes, your smile,

your gaze your touch, were only for me.

How you forgot the days, we were one!

My very touch is now repulsive for you,

My looks, pleading for a moment’s look

are shunned,  hate showing in your glare

Where to go, my heart, where  can I go

In this vast, wide world, no one is mine.

My only wish now is not to live. But will

God take me in His shelter! No, no!

There is no place for me anywhere. No one is

my own! Without your love, where can I go!!!



  1. I love this poem; it's so true about all the pain we go through as we get older...This is reality.!!
    Beautifully penned, Usha-di. <3

  2. So beautiful Ma'am! Loved it :)

  3. Your words tug at the heart Ushaji.

  4. so much pain in those words. I wish families were more understanding.