northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Faith, love and compassion are the back bones of society. Without them humanity cannot   exist. We live in a society, without which we cannot survive. In  the  society it is only our faith which gives us an impetus to adjust to our surroundings . How, why and  when, are the words which keep coming to our mind very often. No one can live all alone .We need the support, love and trust of humanity for our very existence. It can only be  showered on us if we have faith  and trust in those who exist  along with us in the same surroundings. Faith in humanity and love for our dear ones instills in us a feeling  of security and love.If we are wronged by someone, we do feel upset. We must trust the person and forgive him.  Mahatma Gandhi once said,"By this one act we don’t feel  guilty, but the other person realises his folly." Try to practice forgiveness. Be  prepared to forgive your own failures and the failures of others. When we forgive, we do it for ourselves, not the others. Forgiveness allows us to put down the burdens of guilt, regret, fear, anger, and hatred. But forgiveness doesn't require forgetting. Remembering allows us to change and to make better choices.
It is true that to live in a society, we have to  adopt and practice faith, trust and forgiveness. As far as God is concerned, we must  completely  surrender to Him, The Lord Supreme. We must have faith in God almighty. There is nothing which He doesn't know. He does what is good for us. It is our duty to have  complete faith in Him  and surrender. Our faith and trust will be weighed by Him and we will get what we deserve.


  1. Beautiful and soulful writing!!

    Shivani, A - Z Blogging Challenge Participant

  2. It would be too hard to live without faith and forgiveness is liberating. Nicely said.