northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 6 April 2015


 ‘’It is the faith in some thing and the enthusiasm for  something that makes a life worth living’’. These are the words of a famous writer Oliver Wendell.
Being enthusiastic is a great quality which people can possess. There are some people who are born with this quality, and some others who acquire it enthusiastically. According to Wikipedia this word is derived from, ‘’en- in or within and - theous - God. It means having  within  or becoming  one with God.’’
 You have seen children. How  enthusiastic    they are about every thing!! Some years ago we had bought a puppy. The children were so excited,  they even refused to go school.

                                                                              As adults we do not appreciate the feelings olf our children.  We must also understand how important it is to be enthusiastic in life. When this   quality is  ingrained  deeply in our mind we realise that life is  an inspiration  which embraces us . We should never let it go because it keeps arousing our interest in life and its wonders. Even a new flower, freshly grown in our garden becomes a matter of  childlike  pleasure for us. When we are enthused, we see the bright, inspiring and  lovely  side  of the world. We feel positive energy flowing within   us.
I remember there was a teacher in my school  who  was a very enthusiastic teacher. When she was not in the school, it appeared that the school was closed. Enthusiasm is contagious. Her class was very lively. The class produced the best result. I  gave  full  credit  to her happy frame of mind which enabled her to produce excellent results and very self confident students.  Which ever  class she taught the  children came out with flying colors.
Have you come across  people come across  people who are very enthusiastic? How do you find them?


  1. Enthusiasm is that spirit which help us hold the life abreast.Inspiring write-up,ma'am

  2. This quote by Henry Ford sums up enthusiasm for me "Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes, the swing in your gait, the grip of your hand, the irresistible surge of will and energy to execute your ideas" and passion creates enthusiasm. Obviously for that teacher, teaching was her passion and it showed. I hope you are feeling better now Ushaji. Sending love and healing your way.

  3. Maybe their enthusiasm is so much that rather than us finding them, it is they who find us, and spread that enthusiasm to us too so we go looking for someone to share it with :) Interesting post, Usha ji.

  4. Enthusiastic post! I find that people of today's times lack exactly that, enthusiasm. They just exist instead of fully living.
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