northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Mahatma  Gandhi      

            Restraint is  absolutely   essential for leading a life of peace and comfort. Without restraint what will be  the difference between a man and an animal. Man is the only living  being on earth to whom God has given a power of thinking. It is human being who can differentiate between right and wrong. He has also got the power to control his emotions. If a person leads a life  without any control. his life will go  haywire. Not only the person, but his whole family will be a sufferer.  

Restraint can  not  only be   physical but also mental.  A   person must  control both.  In  Hindi our scriptures also  advise us to  have,‘ ’Sainyyam’’(self control).

There is story in mythology about a king, who was crazy. He wanted his bed to be full of scented fresh flowers every evening. One day the gardener’s wife brought the flowers. She decorated   the  bed and was lost in thoughts.  How nice the royal couple must  be feeling.  She  decided to lie down on the bed  for a few minutes, to get a feel of the luxury.  She lay on the bed and drifted  into  sleep. When  the king came and  saw  the maid,he held  her by her hair and  threw her on floor. She was in great pain, but she started laughing loudly. The king asked her  why she  was laughing. The maid said,’’ O king !  you  have  no restraint on your emotions. How can you rule  your kingdom?’’

Written for A  to  Z Challenge, 2015

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  1. A valuable lesson taught by the woman to the king.

  2. Self-control is the best control! Always! Agree

  3. Enjoyed the story about the maid and the king. Yes, emotions sure can wreak havoc. Hard to restrain them but necessary at times.

  4. A wise fable of the maid and king. How foolish the king is in his lack of self-restraint! And how important for physical self-restraint just as much as emotional or else man is indeed an animal, actually worse! ;)