northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 27 July 2012

From my Kitchen viii

The response to my  mango recipes was overwhelming. I must convey my thanks  for appreciating them. Today I  propose to present a few dishes prepared  from leftovers. In many house holds   the leftovers are confined to the dustbin.  We  should try  to utilise the leftovers.We can economise and also by our creativity churn out new dishes, which ,at times , turn out to be tastier than the original.I am confident that these recipes ,which are easy to make, will satiate the palates of my friends.
Leftover  rice
         Chouttu mutta(masala rice:0-
 Left over rice  2 cups
Paste of  two big onions   
Red chili powder  2 tbsp
Salt       as per taste
Coriander leaves   for garnishing.
Cooking oil   3 tbsp
Mix all the ingredients.Put them in a wok and  roast thoroughly  on medium heat.The more you roast ,the tastier  will  be   the  rice masala.Remove from the fire and garnish with coriander leaves
Note   We can also add an egg or two in this masala rice .This  rice can be served as a side dish in lunch or dinner or as a snack.
A  variation which can  be made with leftover rice is to mash  it well , add all spices and  some refined flour. Make crisp  cutlets .  The kids  love these  -cutlets.
We can  also make Lemon rice, tomato rice and coconut rice .Howver remember  not to reveal the ingredients to   the      family . lest you   receive more brickbats than bouquets.       
Leftover Vadas and Pakoras
              After a party  or a family get together,many dishes are left..Generally Vadas and Pakoras(fritters) are the victims. The  Vadas  can be  soaked  in Sambaar. We can make Dahi Vada using the leftover vadas. The Vadas can  also be converted into a spicy drink. known as Jal Jeera The method is given below
 Ingredients  Extract of tamarind 1 cup
                      Jeera powder (roasted and crushed) 1 tsp  
                       Mint leaves paste  1 tsp
                        Lime juice   1 tsp
                        Garam masala 1 tbsp.
Mix all  the  ingredients and add 6 to 7  cups of filtered water. This drink is very refreshing. We can add left over  Vadas after crushing them coarsely. After dipping the Vadas in jal jeera, allow them  to absorb  the flavour of  the  drink.  You will really enjoy  this  drink.
        Kadhi is prepared in all North Indian homes. In other parts of the country  it may not be known well; hence a quick  method is given below.
Ingredients:- Curd   3 cups         
                   Besan(gram  flour)  3 tbsp
                   Asafotida  a pinch
                    Leftover Pakoras  7-8
                    Red chili powder 1 tsp
                    Onion   1 (sliced)
                    Tomato   1 (chopped)
                    Coriander leaves  1 sprig
                    Turmeric powder  1/4 tsp
                     Fenugreek seeds 1/4 tsp
                     Cooking oil  3 tbsp
  Method:-  Add besan to the curd  and make a fine paste in the blender. Add the turmeric powder  and about  7 to 8 cups of water.Keep aside. In a wok  pour the cooking oil. When hot, add asafotida ,  fenugreek seeds and onions.Stir till the onions are  pink in colour.Now pour the curd mixture, salt and red chili powder.  When it boils add the tomatoes .  and green chillies.. Add the Pakoras and allow the kadhi to simmer  on slow fire. The Kadhi should not be too thick, Garnish with coriander leaves.  
 Left over Dal and vegetables can be converted  into very tasty Paranthas by kneading them with wheat flour.. To enhance the  taste , we can add additional salt, spices ,curry ,leaves and green chillies.. 
 Left over Ladoos
   For those who have a sweet tooth, I am presenting something interesting.If  we have Boondi Ladoos left over, a very tasty pyasam can be prepared from these ladoos. Just crush  4-5 ladoos and  add 3/4 litre of milk. Heat this  mixture on medium  flame, stirring  well.  till the milk thickens. After it is cool,  a few drops of vanilla essence  may be added. This Payasam can be taken hot or cold.
  One can realise  how the leftovers can be utilised. You can think of many more ideas and churn out tasty dishes with your imagination and creativity.


  1. Love the idea of repurposing left overs. We usually eat them up as is. I love reading your recipes and discovering the different methods and spices you use in your dishes. ♥

    1. I am glad that you found these recipes useful.