northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Husband Exposed!

A husband's  qualities, if dissected,  will be reflected in the summary below:-
H   Humour/ Hot headed
U    Understanding/Ubiquitous
S     Simplicity/Sadist
B    Beck/Bug
A    Attentive/Arrogant
N    Naughty/Nutty
D    Docile/Dodgy 

Every woman will agree that her man possesses these some measure  or other.The  difference in the proportion in which your man exhibits them  may  differ from man to man, but basically every man is the same.My husband  is also not different. He possesses  a  dual if not hydra- headed  personality. He depicts two distinct personalities,  one for public consumption and the other  reserved  specially  for me. He is an expert in  escapology and it is an arduous task to pin him down.  On such occasions  he can be compared to an escalator as he moves very fast and can wriggle out of any uncomfortable situation with ease. Many a time I have felt exasperated at his antics. After  more than half a century  of bonding with him ,I find him inscrutable if not unscrupulous.
 He has a vicarious sense of humour. He can laugh at himself and displays it publicly. I will give a small incident  which he has narrated umpteen times in the presence of others. On the last day in office , before retirement  ,while handing over charge, his  strong and sturdy revolving chair broke and he fell down resulting in wild laughter all around.However in  the privacy of my company he is an entirely a different character. If I question why he is so serious  he quotes   a famous Russian  writer "If you  have a good wife you are blissful, otherwise you would  become a saint." I keep guessing whether he is blissful or is a saint!

His mood swings are  as unpredictable as weather. You never know when  he will flare up and when he will subside.If one thing pleases him one day, the same thing will annoy him the next day.Even the  Metrological Department will fail to predict   the vagaries of his mood. He is very fond of sleeping. He can drift into sleep without much  ado,  in any pose and any where. Sometimes it becomes very embarrassing especially  when guests are around and he  falls into deep slumber!

His  greatest asset is  procrastination.You may need something urgently or would need his  assistance in performing an urgent  task.His  reply would  invariably be "Not now."For that matter, if you want to purchase some essentials for the household, the foregone conclusion is that  he will repeat his favourite  words,"Not now."

Another  great 'quality'of  my dear husband  is  dodging  a matter,how so ever urgent it may be,  his pet  reply is, "I will do it."To a question,"when?"  he has no reply.That 'when' never comes.

A characteristic  behaviour  of my husband is that he loudly proclaims that he always allows me to have  my own way  but that way leads to no  where. He  also announces  ,"My madam has the last word," and that he is a 'yes man' but  the truth  only I know.

In spite of   all his idiosyncrasies and and eccentricities  mentioned above my husband is a gem of a person. He has,  as my grand daughter  states, "Silver in his hair and gold in his heart."There is a common saying,"Behind every successful man there is a woman," but in my case it is the opposite. Whatever I have achieved in my professional and personal life is  because of  the love, care, understanding and co operation on his part.I thank God  for giving me a husband, who is a companion in the real sense.I wish that he be my husband from birth to birth.


  1. true ushaaunty, my husband ,aziz, is also the same even sleeping anywhere anytime in any position..

  2. infact abdulqadir also has the same sleeping pattern..

  3. Enjoyed reading these revelations of uncle's personality!

  4. As usual you have hit the nail on the head and exposed daddy's most adorable and cutest antics.

  5. A very good write up Mrs Menon..It was great fun to read it :)

    1. Yhank you, Ayan for your words of appreciation.