northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Scribbling to Scrabbling!1

It is very easy for people to state "So and so  is addicted to the computer."I have come across this statement  innumerable times. Many a time  this statement has been directed towards me. Am I really addicted?.   The Dictionary meaning of the word  addiction is"the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma."I have no hesitation in admitting that I  can spend hours in front of my computer without getting  bored .The computer provides  me  an  effective  means to pass my time fruitfully. I may state that I am now in my  mid seventies. At this age I have   successfully discharged my professional and domestic  duties. At present I have  all the time in the world  to indulge in activities of  my choice.I learnt to operate the computer  at  an age when women    have nothing to look forward to. When I expressed my wish to learn the nuances of a computer, my son, Deepak briefed me hardly for fifteen minutes.These fifteen minutes aroused my quest to learn more of it.. I purchased books to know more  about the learning  of a  computer. Slowly I picked up some elementary points Whenever I got time I would go click, click click. I learnt to play Croc, Solitaire and  Free Cell games. I thought that I had mastered  the computer, not realising that  whatever I had acquired was  nothing more than a drop in the ocean. I remember that whenever  a guest came  avisiting, I  had queries  and more queries . Within four or five months I was fairly  acquainted  with the different aspects of the computer.I get both  bouquets and brickbats for spending hours  in front of the computer. I  take  all comments in  good humour because I  know that my critics are my  well wishers.
 My   friends ask me ,what do I do on the computer.An educated  friend who is computer illiterate once told me"computer is meant for match making and casting horoscopes.  What do you see in the computer?" I fully utilise my compee(my computer's pet name) in a positive manner.My day starts with  listening to devotional music. For about two hours  I am engrossed in soft and enchanting  songs.I go through the  news columns. I write Blogs to keep my brain active. I even managed to write a complete book,titled  'Reverse Gear' in just three months time. And  then starts my pet hobby, playing Scrabble. The game is my weakness. I am crazy for Scrabble.I can play the game  day in and day out.The whole morning and sometimes even more, is spent in playing THE game.It hardly matters whether I win or lose.The game should be there. I remember that in  our childhood we used to play Scrabble(Spell O 'Fun).Playing on line is  more exciting. It is  a game which is educative,  entertaining and addictive. I feel that this addiction does no harm to me or my family. In fact I have become more sociable.I have friends from many countries .who like me are 'Scrabblists'
.Sometimes I do play Mind Jolt games, which are also very gripping as well as entertaining. But nothing to beat SCRABBLE..Any takers? All are welcome to my favourite game of Scrabble.


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