northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 15 February 2013

Spring is here.

"If winter comes ,can Spring be far behind".These are the  words of a famous poet Shelly.. Today is Basant Panchmi , the harbinger of spring . Spring is  welcomed by everybody. After the dull and dreary Winter when spring comes ,it brings with it  a message of  brightness and gaiety.  The nature is at its best. Decked with blooming  flowers and greenery all around , its apparel , the nature like a new bride  is all dressed up in finery.

Pictures of Spring 86 

 Spring has come  with nature's  beauty  in the fore.
  Every bower and  bloom  welcomes  it

Pictures of Spring 94 

The rivulets  and the  greenery welcome the 
 the  king of seasons.

Pictures of Spring 88 

The leaves,   in  all  their   glory shine
    in the blue firmament

Pictures of Spring 54

 Vibrant yellow, the  colour of   Basant 
     blooming    and     dancing .

      In Punjab yellow colour has special significance on Basant Panchmi.. The mustard fields  are full of yellow blooming flowers,which can be seen  shining  for miles and miles. People wear yellow dresses.  Yellow pilau and yellow halwa are  cooked, symbolising the  the advent of spring on this festival.
                On  Basant Panchmi  festival  Saraswati Puja  is  held. Ma Saraswati the Goddess of learning  is  worshipped on this day. In Schools and Colleges, which are the seats of learning,  big idols of  Ma Saraswati  are made  and the students  offer their  tributes  to the goddess.The goddess is depicted in a white Sari,which is a symbol of purity. Saraswati is shown as sitting on a swan with a Veena in her hands.
 I  am reminded of  the well known  lines of the poet, Robert Browning,which I quote  below:-  
                      The year's at the spring
                       And day's at the morn;
                      Morning's at seven;
                     The hillside's dew-pearled;
                     The lark's on the wing;
                    The snail's on the thorn;
                   God's in His heaven -
                   All's right with the world!

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    1. Happy Basant Panchami to you and family.

  2. As fresh as dew..Green around and I love to be with the nature..Refreshing post..Happy Basant Panchami

    1. Thanks, Odyzz..How magically God has painted nature in beautiful colours!!

  3. Awieee........This is my favourite my poem "All's right with the world". Lovely post ma'am, Spring is really as beautiful as a decked up bride, beautiful, fragrant.

    1. Thank you Meenakshi for your appreciating words. I am reminded of an old Hindi song from V. Shanta Ram's film, "yeh kaun chitrakar hai"

  4. Thank you,Anil. Hope for the best!!

  5. Lovely!! Beautiful photographs, Usha.
    I have nominated your blog for the Leibster Blog Award.
    The rules of this award are at:

    1. I am honoured to be nomlnated for such a prestigious award by YOU. I have no words to thank you.for your words of appreciation.