northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 22 February 2013

Liebsters Award

The Liebster award

 First  of all I sincerely thank   my friend and well wisher Smt.Panchali Sengupta  for nominating me for  the prestigious Liebster Award.  Panchali,  herself  being a  perfectionist in the art  of writing  blogs, has been awarded the Liebster Award  six times. I am sure that she will achieve many more awards.Her  style of writing and  giving  a magical touch to  words is so bewitching   that any one who reads the lines is enchanted. Being nominated by her is  is an honour.My grateful thanks to her for  the recognition she has given to my blogs.

What is the Liebster Award.

This is an award given by bloggers to deserving bloggers  to give them an  incentive  to keep writingIt is a sort of motivational Award.There are certain rules to be followed by the  nominees to be eligible for the Award. The rules are listed below:-

Step  1.

 The bloggers, who have  been nominated, must write 11 points pertaining to themselves.

Step 2

1.      Answer the questions which the nominator has set for you.

2.      Nominate persons whom you feel are deserving  and inform them.

3.      Create 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated.

4.      Go the blog of each person and link them to your post

5.      No tag back is allowed.

Step  3.

 Answers to the questions that I have been asked by Madam Panchali  :   

 1.Are you a morning person or night?

I am a morning person. I love  listening to spiritual music  early  in  the  morning.

        2. Which is your favourite genre of music?
           I like to listen to old Hindi film  music.

        3.Which is your favourite hobby?
       I love to make chocolates and cakes
for my grand children.

4.Do you own any pet? What kind?
  Yes. We own a female Labrador  dog, Elsa. We adore her. She is an important member of our family.

5.How  do you motivate yourself to exercise?
 I want to  remain  mobile .

6. If you could move to any other city in the world, where would it be?
     I have lived in Delhi all my life and will not like to move from here but if there is any compulsion ,I would go to Kerala and  live  in Tattamangalam(a village) which has lush greenery all around and cool breeze.  It is  my hubby's birthplace.

7.Something  you learnt recently
 I learnt to use the computer .

8. What is your favourite season of the year?
    I like the Spring season  when Nature is at its best.

 9.  What was your favourite childhood toy?

  I loved playing with dolls.
10.Why did you start a blog?

After I retired  from Govt. job I wrote a book titled Reverse Gear. After the book was completed, I had nothing to do.I love to write so I started writing blogs to give vent to my creative instinct.

11.Which electronic device you can’t live without?

  My computer and Mobile phone.

Step 4.

Now I am mentioning 11 things about my self.

1.I am a retired Additional Director of Education.

2. I  am deeply rooted  in  spiritual  ethos.

3. I  have a  liberal outlook.The very fact that I am a Punjabi and married to a Keralite depicts my broad outlook.

4  Writing has become a passion with me.  Last year  I wrote a book titled ‘Reverse Gear’ about my experiences in personal and professional life.

5.Cooking is a craze for me. I love to experiment   with new recipes.

6.I love my house, which we built with great enthusiasm.  It is my nest where I live a life of contentment with my  doting  hubby, my loving son, an affectionate daughter- in-law and two cute and adorable grand daughters and last but not the least, our sooo sweet and faithful Elsa(our pet dog).

7 .I  am proud of my daughter and son-in-law, both eminent Doctors. They are a big support to us. Their two sons are darlings.

8.I am fond of  soothing music, especially old Hindi movie songs.

9.I am crazy  about my computer. I can sit on the computer day in and day out.

10.I like to chat with friends and relatives on the phone.

11.I  am thankful to God for all His  bounties. He has  always been kind to me. He has given me everything.

 Step  5.

The following bloggers are being nominated by me:

1.Shilpa Garg

2. BK Chowla

3. Rachna Parmar

4.Anil Kurup

5.  Rekha Kakkar

6. Balvinder Singh

7. Reshmi Kurup

8. Giribala Joshi

9.  Alka Gurha


11.Surbhi Bafna

Step  6

The 11 questions which you have to answer;

1.If you become the Prime Minister Of India, what will be your priority?

2. Which book are you reading these days?

3.Why did you start writing a blog?

4.Do you like to see sun rise or sunset?

5  Do you think that cooking is a female's prerogative?

6. What do you like to see on TV?

7. Which games do you like to play?

8. Do you believe in Destiny?

9. What do you prefer, arranged marriage or love marriage?

10. Do you believe in God?

11. What is your favourite pastime?













  1. Ma'am I'm so pleased. Receiving Liebster from an erudite lady has made me go crazy. I'm dancing. :D

    Well at this moment of celebration I invite you to my party. May I call u GRANNY???

    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

    1. Thanks Surbhi.You deserve the Award.May you get many more accolades in future!! God

  2. Dear Usha,
    Wishing you many many more of these...!Thanks so much for accepting the award that you truly deserve..and for all the kind words you wrote about me ( I honestly do not deserve such accolades, but)---thank you for the huge compliments...!!! I'll have to deploy many sharp pins to get all the air out of me... or I'll just fly off... :))))buzzzzzzzz...:))

    Enjoyed reading your answers. My love to Elsa. Reminds me of Born Free! May God bless your lovely home. Even I can't live without a computer and a mobile :D Would certainly like to read your book. Shall get the details from you soon..I also love playing with dogs :D
    Writing this is a tedious job. But, you played it well, my friend!
    Thanks from the bottom of my heart..:)))

    1. Thanks Panchali for such sweet words. You made my day. I am feeling as if I am on seventh Heaven.

  3. Many congratulations for the award, Ma'am. You deserved it. I am happy to read about you, This is so rare that you find someone who is so completely at ease with self, so happy and content. May you always remain so.

    I wish many more accolades come your way.

    1. Thank you Meenakshi..I feel elated on reading beautiful words of appreciation for me from such a talented friend like you.I congratulate you for getting this Award!!

  4. Congratulations for the award Ma'am! And thank you for sharing it with me! Truly honored. Interesting answers and good to know a bit about you! :)

    1. Thank you Shilpa. More than anyone else, you deserve the award. I have learnt so much from you..Thanks for rvery thing you did for me.

  5. Hearty Congratulations on your Liebster Ma'am and nice to read about you.....may you win many more and my humble thanks for the nomination.

    I love this sentence of yours >> "9.I am crazy about my computer. I can sit on the computer day in and day out." <<< i'm crazy abt my lappy too

    1. Thank you Nandini.Thanks for your words of appreciation.Congrats to you.

  6. Heartiest Congratulations to you Maám..It was really wonderful to know more about you ..The bonding with you has gone even stronger after reading this post..You truly deserve all the colorful feathers in your cap ..and yes many more are yet to come...Keep writing ..Keep inspiring us..

    1. Thanks a lot odyzz. I feel honoured to read your words . Congrats to you also for the Award.

  7. Thank you so much for bestowing the award on me. I am honoured to get it from you and also liked to read about you.

  8. Thank you Rachna.I Thanks for your words of appreciation

  9. Usha Ma'am, congratulations on the award. I enjoy reading your blog, and the warmth of your wisdom, your recipes, your rich observations coming from a lifetime of experience.

    Wish you many more such accolades!

    1. Thanks a lot Dear Mixi.I have no words to express my gratitude .You are your self such a prolofic writer. I feel humbled by your words of appreciation.