northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I Love you

So Valentines Day is here again! It  has brought with it the memories of the the days when I first met my love! Loving some one whom you have met umpteen times  is a feeling, an emotion,a sensation which you alone can experience.It is  something  which is difficult to explain in words but all the same you are sure that you are in love and realise that you are being tenderly hooked to a rapturous  sensation  of ecstasy.
                         LOVE  just over  powered 
                           without my knowing!
                       It crept into my whole  being
                           my soul, without  knowing!!
                       It came  aroused, rendered 
                    me helpless,without my knowing!!! 
 It  all happened more than fifty years  ago, but  the memory  of those days is still as fresh as the morning dew. Even today, the thought of those special days  brings a smile on my face. How it started,when it blossomed and when it mesmerised me is immaterial.  The essence is that it engulfed two hearts in  eternal bliss  and togetherness.   I knew what his feelings were,how deep was  his love  for me. The purity of his heart, the tender touch and  radiance of his eyes was  so obvious that  they conveyed what  were his  innermost feelings. His  actions,his deep  rooted feelings,and  the broad smile on his face, when he saw me even from a distance  were  surely indicative  that he was deeply drenched in love for me.  I sometimes wondered why he was hesitant to utter those three words, which I was yearning to hear from him.  Every day I  expected to hear from him ,but the expectation was futile. Why, but why  he was  dumb  in uttering what I was sure of !!  Then as sudden as lightning  I knew the truth!! The  reality dawned on me.All my fears and all my doubts vanished.I knew why he was tight lipped. Why was he silent? It was nothing but his inherent shy nature, which  prevented him to lay open his  heart!! At last my  mind was at rest.
 I was  knitting a pullover  for him. I completed  it  in two days. The same day I met him and gave him a surprise. I presented the pullover  to him. He was elated and questioned,"What is this?" Without  any hesitation, without a second thought  the words, "I LOVE YOU" flowed. Instantly , to my surprise  and  in a dramatic manner he  said,  "Will you MARRY  me?"  The rest is History.

Happy  Valentines

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  1. That's so sweet. Shy love so typical of those times but far more genuine than you find these days.

  2. Awwiee!! such a sweet love..that turned into a strong bond..loved it!!

  3. That is soooo sweet!! Loved it! Happy V-Day :)

  4. Ma'am, first of all, I must tell you I am mightily impressed by the fact that you're 75 years young! You're awesome!

    And your story is sooo sweet! Loved it :)

    1. Thanks a lot for your words of appreciation.

  5. Ahha!!! I can't express how sweet, how perfect, how lovely you have weaved this love tale. Just loved the way you expressed. I too believe sometimes silence speaks its best. Those three words seem futile in front of speaking eyes all drenched in eternal love.
    Is this a true tale of you and granpa?? If yes, then wohhoooooo.. :D
    Two young hearts are blessed with the young love now and then and Forever.
    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

  6. Hi Grand Daughter, You have written such lovely comments that I am overwhelmed. Yes this a 100% real experience. In more than fifty years of marital life he has not said these three words till now!!!