northern lights

northern lights

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Write Tribe Festival of Words Day 7 # Dreams

        dream photo: dream dream.jpgdream photo: dream dream.jpgdream photo: dream dream.jpg

 I dream the whole world  shining

I dream the sun never sets

I dream I am flying to the blue skies

I dream the mankind  dancing

Dancing with glee,exuberance

I dream  the never ending delight.

Your dreams and my dreams,

Mingle in my dream

We dream together

We sing together

We laugh together

Your dreams are my dreams.

I dream green bowers smile

I dream red  roses swaying

I dream dark clouds above

I dream rain and hail

Rose petals swoon

Dreams are shattered.

I dream a new  world of hope

I dream   resplendent sun rays

I dream  a soft touch  of  breeze

Caressing   the  debilitated  mankind

I dream   rapture bliss and joy

I dream  a new world of peace.

I dream our  dreams come true,

I dream  the  beauty of our dreams

I dream  of  our  dreams come alive

New hopes  enlighten our life

I dream  happiness engulfs us

We dream  together,live together.

Written for Write Tribe Festival of Words Day 7 #Dreams
I am participating .

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  1. beautiful dream... hope we could live in such a place...

  2. Dreams are beautiful and we wish to be true.

  3. Your lines pushed me into a slumber that I cannot cease dreaming.

  4. Such beautiful dreams. Your post made me joyful.

  5. I have tagged you on my PASS post, pls accept my tag and let me know when you do.

  6. Dreaming the never ending delight, wonderfully described Ushaji:)

  7. Varying expression of dreams and human emotions unleashed, ma'am

  8. Dreams galore !!! Good one, Ma'm :)