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northern lights

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Write Tribe Festival of Word Third day # Books


 Books have a place of prestige in the life of every literate person. Right from childhood our interplay with books starts.. With every stage of life the pattern, size, font and the general look of the books undergo a change.  The first ever books that we see are colourful, with attractive pictures. These books are mainly printed to attract the children
A book for small children
Coloring Book (free) - screenshot thumbnail
A book for juniors

  When a child starts studying in primary classes, the books are colourful and not very thick. As the children reach higher classes, the number of pages in a book  also tend to increase.

Famous Five: Five Go Adventuring Again
famous five
Book for teen agers

  In early days when  people did not know about paper, they wrote on leaves, bark of the trees ,on walls, wooden strips and clay. Papyrus leaf was found to be very appropriate, because of its thick paper like material. Now books are printed in sophisticated printing presses. The process is called lithography.

  There are various forms of books.There are text books for schools and colleges. There are a  large number of books for professional   subjects. There are biographies and autobiographies.  We find books on fiction. Fiction or novels as we may call them are the most popular with the readers. Fiction books also include short stories, plays etc. 

Harry Potter's book
Text books
 Non fiction books are innumerable. They are also used as entertainment. There are numberless books on scriptures and mythology. A book can be written on any subject on the earth.  There are magazines, newspapers and journals. Books can be written in many languages and can be translated into other languages.

 There are several libraries which have a large collection of books on different subject. There are mobile libraries. Now people have the facility to read E-books online.

Old book bindings.jpg
Advance subjects
Epic tome: New book The Library features stunning pictures of libraries around the globe, including the The Tripitaka Koreana at the Haeinsa Temple in South Korea
A library
IIn our house there are innumerable books. My son has a huge collection of books.Every day I find him with a new book. Grand daughters are also following the family tradition.They too have a separate library .  I love to read classics.I don't know how many times I have read Pride and Prejudice, Rebecca and Tale of Two Cities. I also like to read  Sudha Murthy.These days I am reading  her  beautiful book,'Mahashweta'.
     For the blogging community Books play a special role. Books provide soccour to bloggers. They are the real friends of  blog writers.
Talking about books, I may mention that I wrote a book on my personal and professional life after my retirement.It was my maiden effort. It was titled Reverse Gear.

                                                      Given above is title page of my book.

  In the end I quote a  saying of the a famous writer Oscar Wilde:

 “If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.”

 This post is written in response to Write Tribe Festival of Words  third day # books.I am partcipating in the contest
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  1. So true, books can be one's best friends. They fill in so much of void .nice to know that you wrote a book, it must be pretty interesting I am sure!

  2. really.. i agree with padmaja.... lovely write up..

  3. I am still in the process of learning to like non-fiction. I am sure soon I will be reading classics too. Such a lovely collection of pictures you have posted here. Shows a book lover's journey from childhood. :)

  4. Love the pictures -- they really told the story. Great job

  5. no companion like books. I was a voracious reader once upon a time. I used to read comics to classics. Now, I like non-fictional books. Must read your book someday, ma'am.

  6. I love books too. They are my sanctuary. But I am yet to learn enjoying non fiction books :)

  7. Another brilliant write Usha ma'am. I do agree books have always been part of our life :)

  8. I love classics too. There's something everlasting in their appeal.

  9. Books and dogs - man's best friends :)

  10. Love the way you've interspersed the images with the words. Lovely :)

  11. Stephen King said, books are the perfect entertainment: no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent! And we are so glad that we have them in our lives :)

  12. A brief history of books ma'am. A lovely post once again. Loved it.

  13. Books are the best friends who could never leave you alone! Loved the post... and the pictures! :)

  14. I too love classics and want to read them all over again. very nice post Usha Maam.

  15. I love books and have always loved books. I can't imagine a time coming when books will be only found as downloads for an electronic device. I will always be an old fashioned who will love to hold a book and turn its pages. ♥

  16. The post sure is from a teacher. Every part reflects the personality.Loved it

  17. Amazing post and love the way u express the love for book.Only a teacher like u can instill love for books in us. A must read for all who have been shying away from reading books.

  18. I still love the feel of books in my hands...gosh this technology will take it away...sob sob!

    Great take :)

  19. I'm glad my parents let the reading-bug bite me :)

  20. Pride and Prejudice, Rebecca are some of my favourite books.