northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 5 December 2011

Enjoy chicken soup.

I am thankful to my friends for their kind and encouraging response  to my recipes for vegetarian  soups. Some friends have expressed their desire to prepare non vegetarian soups.For their benefit I am writing two recipes  for   making chicken soup.An important thing which should be kept in mind is that  the chicken that we use  for making soup must not be too cold. If that is so it should be thawed before cooking.The other thing is  the 'stock'.You can prepare the stock at home and freeze it.You can preserve the stock in the refrigerator and use it for a week or so.Stock is available in the market,but it cannot stand any comparison with  the home made one.You require  lot of patience  to make the stock at home.But imagine when you get appreciation,praise and good comments from your near and dear ones,all your efforts are  rewarded!!
To make the stock you need  chicken bones,carrots,coriander green,garlic,and onion.,bay leaves, pepper and salt.
In a large pan take cold water,add bones,vegetables,garlic and onions and .keep it for boiling on high heat.After ten minutes,lower the heat and allow this concoction to simmer for 3 to 4 hours,occasionally stirring it  It should not be covered.The scum, which deposits on the surface should be removed.Ensure that bones are immersed in water all the time.In the end add salt,pepper and bay leaves.After cooling,it should be strained very well.The residue should be  clear.
    (L)Recipe for chicken with noodles soup(4 to 5 cups)
1.Boneless chicken    1/2Kg shredded
2.Olive oil                  1 Tb.spoon
3.Carrot                      3 medium diced
4.Peas                         200 gms.
5.Onion                       1 diced
6. Noodles                   1 small packet
9.Chicken Stock
Heat oil and saute the onions till tender. Add chicken and roast
it .Now add the carrot and peas.Cover the pan and allow the chicken and the vegetables to cook Add chicken stock.Now add boiled noodles,salt and pepper.Heat for one or two minutes.Remove from the fire and serve hot.
(2)Chicken soup  with cream(4 to 5 cups)
1.Chicken pieces cooked   500gms
2.Cream                I50 gms
3.White flour         2 tbsp.
4.yolk of two eggs
5.Coriander leaves
6.Chicken stock
Melt the butter in a pan and add all purpose flour,Stir vigorously for about two minutes.The colour of the flour should not change.Add  cooked chicken pieces .Now add the chicken stock stirring all the while. Make sure that no lumps are formed.In a separate bowl mix the cream and whisked egg yolks.Add about one cup  boiling soup and stir very well. Add this mixture to the boiling soup,Mix thoroughly.Add salt and pepper powder .Garnish with coriander  leaves.
Enjoy piping hot soup in cold weather!!



  1. good recipes, will try the first one as my kids love noodles..

  2. Thank you Alefiya.Encouraging remarks from friends boosts ones confidence.