northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 29 December 2011

much maligned new year resolutions.

The new year is round the corner. The spirit of  joy ,anticipation  and reflections  on past achievements  and failures  are  the thoughts that  are uppermost in the the mind of  every  thoughtful  individual. This is but natural.While  some one may proclaim that he has not  thought about  plans  for the future or contemplated   upon  unfulfilled  desires or tasks,  there may be others who rejoice over their  gratifications of the past  and look forward enthusiastically  towards the future.This is the genesis of new year resolutions! This is the time of the year when such thoughts  come to the fore.
   My rumination takes me  to  the distant  past. As a child I used to hear  seniors in the family discussing  their resolutions and how they succeeded in achieving their goals.As I started growing  up  the terminology  was heard more often.I think I was in class iv when I made my first resolution.I publicly announced that I would work hard and stand first in the class.My Mom and Dad were very happy that their daughter had determined to stand first in  her class. This  resolution remained only a resolution!! After a month or so the monthly tests were held.In spite of my steadfast effort my position   in the class continued to be as in the the previous tests.The whole resolution  forming  faculty  went haywire.After this incident every year  a new resolution was made only to be broken.I thus became an adept in making resolutions  and equally adept at breaking them!I have several times made a resolution that I will go for a walk early morning but it never saw  its  fruition. I am not the only person  who cannot  adhere to their own self made  determinations. There are many others  also who suffer from  the same malady. I recently  read  somewhere  that while 52% people feel happy at the success of the completion of their resolution,in reality  it is only 2% people  who actually  get the fruits of their efforts.!!
 The resolutions which people generally  make  on the advent of the  new year are related to health issues eg. wishing to reduce weight, going on  a diet,  giving up smoking   or drinking  alcohol etc.
 I am now in my twilight   years. I have seen life from very close quarters.I have seen several ups and downs in my life and  faced many detractors. I have suffered  many physical ailments. and have even undergone  major  surgeries including  cancer  surgery.All these adversities  have made me stronger. My only wish at this stage of life is to pray for physical and mental strength. As age advances you do not make any resolutions for your own future. Your thoughts turn to the well being and happiness  of   your family and near and dear ones.On this new year's eve I pray  that  God   shower  His mercy, prosperity and happiness on my family and friends. I wish every body a very happy new year 2012.


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