northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 3 June 2013

From my Kitchen Diary

It has been quite some time that  nothing has come out of my Kitchen Diary.. There was no particular reaon for not writing anything. Due to intense summer some sort of lethargy has taken over.Today I propose to write some recipes using mango as the  main   ingredient.. We have  several varieties of  mangoes available in our country. I feel that this is one fruit which everybody likes to take in some form or the other.First of all I present a recipe for Mango Ice Cream.
1. Mangoes      3big
2.Sugar             2 tablespoons.
3. Milk              3/4th litre
Mango : Three mangoes  Stock Photo4.Corn starch    1 tablespoon
5.Fresh cream   250 grams
1. Remove the skin of the mangoes, and cut pieces of  medium size.. A few pieces can be cut small  of  size.
2 .Keep 1/2  litre of milk for boiling.Add the sugar.
3. .In the leftover 1/4 litre  milk add corn starch and stir. 
4  When the milk starts boiling, lower the flame and add the milk in which corn starch is dissolved.
5. Keep stirring  till the milk is slightly thick. Ensure that no lump is formed.
6..Remove from the fire and keep it in the frig  for cooling.(10 to 15 mts).
7. Till the milk cools down, make a puree of  the mango pieces in a blender.
8. Add the fresh cream in the puree
9 Add the cooled milk .
10.Churn lightly for a minute.                                                                   
11.Add the finely cut mango pieces. 
12. Pour the mixture in a bowl, with a lid and keep it in the freezer. 
The Ice Cream will take 2  to 3 hours for setting.

Mango : green mango on white backgroundMango Panna is  a  drink prepared from raw mangoes. It is very cooling. 
1.Raw mangoes                       2
2.Salt                                       1/2 teaspoon
3. Sugar                                    4 teaspoons.                                            
4. Roasted jeera powder       1/4 teaspoon.
5.Mint leaves                           3 or 4
Remove the skin of the mangoes.  Cut pieces. Add salt, sugar,jeera powder and mint leaves .Put all the ingredients in a blender. Add 1/2 cup water and prepare juice. Pour the juice in a jug and add 2 glasses  of water  Stir well.
Add  one cube of ice in each glass of Panna..This will make 3 to 4  glasses of Panna.

Aam Papad is a favourite snack of all children. I remember that as children we loved munching aam papad and our parents used to scold us. Their main objection was that it was unhygienic.  We can prepare it at home and  allow the children to enjoy 
Mangoes Ripe  4
 Sugar                $ teaspoons.
Salt                    1/2 teaspoons
 Peel the mangoes. Put the mango slices in a Karhai .Add sugar and salt. Cook it for a few minutes .Keep stirring. When  the sugar melts and the pulp is slightly thick, remove from the fire. Take two full plates. Apply some oil on the plates. Pour the Mango paste in two plates. spread the paste evenly  and with a spatula press it well. Keep the plates in the  bright sun for two days. When it dries cut strips  and  place them one over the other. (two or three layers) .
Note: if it  is  cloudy  Aam papad  can be kept in the Microwave for 5 to 6 minutes. Check in between  so that it  is not burnt.

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  1. Summer vacation would be incomplete without Mangoes :) Thanks ma'am for sharing the recipe for aam papad and ice-cream. Will surely try them out:)

  2. Thanks Reshma. I have made ice cream today..It was yummy. I am sure you will like it.

  3. So did you drink panna today?

  4. Aam Panna is the favorite at our home and it is something that is always there... As soon as the last glass is made, another batch of aam panna is ready to be poured in the next glass...
    Aam papad recipe is simple and easy too... will try it sometimes!

    1. Yes Shilpa. Mangoes in any form are delectable.

  5. I will try Mango Ice-cream. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Thank you Saru. I am sure you will like it.

  6. Ahh...I LOVE aam-panna. Thanks for the recipes,Usha. Must try making them...:))

  7. Thanks Panchali. I am sure you will like it.