northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 21 June 2013

Wednsday write tribe prompt # 6There is always hope!!

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Mr. and Mrs. Puri were a happy go lucky  couple. They were married  for the past twenty years. Mr. Puri was a flourishing Business man and his better half, Meera was a Lecturer in a local college. Their two  sons were very affectionate, doting and loving . They literally worshiped their parents. Ramesh, the elder son, was studying in second year of an  Engineering  College and the second son Ritesh, in  XI  class. Both the boys were hard working, persevering and assiduous  students. They were  pious,  devout and god fearing.  Every evening Meera would light a lamp and  they bowed  their head in reverence  in front of God.  Their neighbours were envious of their prosperity, mutual love  and consideration for each other. The wheel of fortune was moving favourably  for their  prosperity and well being.

15th August!! it was Independence day and also Ritesh's 18th  birthday. He will be a major. Every one in the family was excited. Meera had planned a party, like every year, but Ritesh wanted to have celebration in the school hostel with  friends. His Father was opposed to the idea but Meera pleaded with him to agree to  the child's request. His outings  increased. The parents noted that there was a change in his behaviour. He liked to  be aloof and got irritated when questioned.He failed in all subjects in  the Unit test.  The parents were baffled. They met his class teacher.She told them  that she had  also noticed that  Ritesh was not his former self. He was not attentive in the class and missed classes frequently. She called the monitor of the class. What he said shocked the parents and also the teacher. He told them that Ritesh had developed friendship with the ruffians of the class and  was addicted to drugs. They went home dejected. They  did not expect that their son would be addicted to drugs. Mr. Puri remembered that  one of his friend's brother is a counsellor. He contacted him. Mr Nair, the counsellor  advised them to send Ritesh to a Rehabilitation centre. Mr. Puri was also  facing losses in his business. And now he was burdened with his son's  problem.Ritesh looked haggard and frail. Mr Puri was not his usual happy-go- lucky person. He was now a man in despair. Meera gathered strength. She admitted Ritesh in the Rehabilitation centre. It appeared that time stood still. The next six months  dragged with no good news.  Slowly Mr. Puri was regaining his business. Meera was happy for her husband. Her heart , pining for Ritesh was always  dejected . 

One morning Mr. Puri's  mobile phone woke them  up. He  took the phone  reluctantly. It was Ritesh on the other side.He felt nervous and handed over the phone to Meera. Her whole being was transformed . All her hopes aroused. She heard Ritesh saying,"Ma, I am missing you,Come and take me".  Meera was dancing with ecstasy,exultation and gratification!!! 

The good old days were here again. 
Write Tribe Prompt
 Prompted by Corinne Rodrigues Wednesday write Tribe  # 6.
This is a fiction.


  1. I am glad Ushaji the end was a happy one. Drugs and youth are a deadly mix for our society sadly....


  2. All's well that ends well, Usha! Beautiful story...It takes time for parents to accept that their teen-child is into drugs and all. Glad that the parents took notice and took action right away.:)

  3. Beautiful story! I am glad that the story had a happy ending :)

  4. It's good to see things ending on a positive note. One of my family friends' son died of addiction he developed in hostel.

  5. A happy ending ... and that's how old stories should be ... positive and optimistic :-)