northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 24 June 2013

Things I Learnt from my Father.

A Father's role in the development of the child is very important.It is the Father who gives  economic and social stability  to the house.  A father inculcates in the child the spirit of  cooperation  with others outside the home. Every Father uplifts  the emotional  relations  of the children at home and in the society. I am indebted to my Father for what I am today. Due to the impact of his personality I acquired  good   inter personal relations  and learnt how  to  spread happlness and contentment .

1. My Father was  a disciplinarian.  He ensured that all the children (we are five brothers and sisters) must have bath before taking breakfast. Right from childhood we were taught table manners. The most important  habit which was  inculcated  in his children was to eat every thing that was cooked. There was no question of saying ,"I  don't like .........." and also not to leave any leftovers in the plate.

2. He instilled  in me a spirit of self confidence.  Whenever guests came home  I and my siblings were told to greet them  and be seated  with the elders for sometime and answer  whatever the  outsiders asked.

3. He ensured that  the whole family should have their meals together . There is a saying ' the family that eats together, stays together'.

4.He  saw to it that  his children never wasted money. He was highly placed  and ensured that we must  spend judiciously. 

5.He encouraged his children to read lot of books.

6.He  wanted his children never to insult others  but  to  speak politely.

7. He was very particular that all his children got good education. I and my siblings  had our early education in Convent schools. Once when he was transferred to a  place where good  schooling facilities were not available, he sent us to a boarding School.

8. Those were pre Independence days. Very few people sent girls  to college for higher education. He encouraged us to study.  It was due  to  his guidance  that I  became a Post graduate and also did B.Ed. 

9. He inspired me to learn driving a  car, which was very rare for  girls those days.

10.  Inspite of the fact that he was holding a very high  position, he motivated me to take up a job.

11. He was a very liberal person. When I   expressed that I wanted to marry a boy  from Kerala(my parents were Punjabi) he did not object. He just wanted to meet the boy and speak to him. After a meeting with him, my Father was impressed and gave his consent. His decisions were always fair. 

12. He  taught us to have Faith in God  and always be thankful to Him for His mercies!!

I can proudly say that I am a good wife , and a good homemaker , and a good administrator (before retirement) due to values  ingrained in me by my Father. Papa ji Thank you. 
May his soul rest in peace. 

Note this post was written last week  for Father's day, but could not be posted. I am always indebted to my Papa for  all the   love and blessings he gave to his children.


  1. There is a saying girls first love is dad :)) Lovelyyy post

  2. Thank you Kala. It is correct that girls have a special bonding with their father.