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northern lights

Saturday, 16 August 2014

A marriage proposal (part 2)

Continued from part one

Suresh asked Badrinath ," What is your objection in allowing Prema to marry  Mohit?''  Badrinath did not give any convincing reply. Suresh and Mohit both were disappointed  by Badri Nath's  attitude. What could the reason be ! Mohit told his father,"You give me some time. I will go to Agra and find out the reason for his denial. At first Suresh was hesitant, but later on he agreed.  Suresh went to Agra disguised as senior person, about forty year old. He went to Preena's college  and met the Principal requesting him for a job for one month only. He told the Principal that  he would work in an honorary capacity. He wanted  an experience certificate for  at least one month, to enable him to get a job in USA.The Principal, at first  refused, but on the insistence of  Suresh for a job just for a month in an honorary capacity, he was taken in. The Principal  said there was no vacancy  in the teaching Department. The college annual function was due to be held after two months. His job was to help the organizer, Mr. Banerjee. The Peon took him  to the College  Drama  society  office. There was great commotion there.
                          In the crowd he saw  Preena. Now it will be easier to know the truth, he thought. In the evening a party was planned.Most of the students were busy in the preparations. The party started at 6'0 clock. It gathered momentum by 90 clock.  Preena was also participating in the fun. Suddenly he saw her with  a boy, sitting on a corner table. He  slowly moved towards that table,but could not hear what they were talking. He saw that those two were holding hands and kissing each other's hand. He  asked one of the teachers whether hard drinks were allowed in side the college compound. He pointed towards Preena and her friend that they were taking alcohol without any fear.The teacher told him that there is a very sad story behind her action. He assured that he would tell Mohit every thing after the party.  Mohit  spent the rest of the evening thinking about the family and what could be the problem.
                             After the party, Mohit  went and caught hold of the staff member and again put the same question to him. The teacher told him every one in Agra knows about this truth. What he narrated was a shock for Mohit. Badri Nath was a cook in the house of a multi millionaire, who had only two daughters in this world. His wife died in childbirth. Badri Nath became a part of the household. As years passed, the girls became very fond of him. Their father died in mysterious  circumstances. Badri Nath does not want the sisters to get married. His fear, people say, is that the in laws of the girls may find out the truth and he may be sent behind bars.He has  kept the girls in the dark. He does not want either of them to marry. Preena has a boy friend, but she cannot marry him. You know the reason, but she does not know. She believes that Badri Prasad loves both girls so much, that he does not want them to leave him.
                                             Mohit called his father, and told him the whole story. Suresh reached Agra and filed a complaint against  Badri  Nath, who was arrested. Consequently every thing was solved.
                            Be with you forever

Written in response to Write Tribe Pro Bloggers  week 3  day 15
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  1. love the story's poetic justice indeed :)

    1. Thank you Sumana. I am glad you liked the story.

  2. Sensitive take on the story Ma'am. How I hope every Badri Nath are put behind the bars.