northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A marriage proposal (part 1)

Mohit, an eligible bachelor, was working in the army. He came home on leave for three months. His father told him about a proposal  of marriage for him. Mohit was never in favour of a love marriage. His father informed his friend Badri Nath that they would be coming to their house so that Mohit and Preena could meet and know each other. Badri Nath had two daughters, Preena and Prema. Preena was studying in a college and staying in a hostel. Prema, two years younger was also in college but preferred to stay at home to take care of their father. As soon as Preena heard that a boy was coming to 'see' her, she left for the hostel.  When Mohit and his father Suresh  reached there, they were shocked to hear that Preena had gone to the hostel. They stayed  there for three days and returned home. On their way home, Mohit told his father that he liked Prema and would love to live his life with her. In fact Prema too, liked him in her heart of hearts, but being a shy girl did not  show her feelings to anyone.
                                           Mohit's father had also liked Prema. When Mohit expressed his  feelings, Suresh was happy. He phoned Badri Nath and told him their  desire to get   Mohit and Prema get  married.  Badri Nath did not approve of this proposal.

(To be continued.  This is a purely fictional story. What is your opinion, whom should Mohit marry? The next part will be published on 16th August 2014

Written in response to Write Tribe Pro Bloggers Week 3 day12


  1. I think Mohit should marry Prema since they both like each other...

    Waiting for the next part :)

    Random Thoughts Naba - Sleeping Quirks...

    1. Thank you Naba. I will write the conclusion after knowing the views of friends.

  2. Can't wait for part 2. I think Mohit and Prema should be together...who cares if she is the younger daughter!

  3. such an interesting story Ushaji !! let's see what the writer thinks :)

  4. We have to wait for two days to know the result.

  5. I think one should marry the one they like .. but life is funny things dont happen as we plan .. SO now i am waiting for next part .. tomorrow