northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 29 August 2014

12 truths of life

                                                              12 truths of life

                                        1st truth
           No body is real in the world except mother.

                                       2nd truth
                     A poor person has no friends.

                                       3rd truth
                     People do not like good thoughts.
                              They like good looks.

                                     4th truth
                      People respect the money.
                                Not the person....

                                      5th truth
                       The person you love the most
                             Will hurt you the most.

                                      6th truth
                             The truth is simple, but
                    the moment YOU try to explain it...
                            It becomes difficult.

                                    7th truth
          When you are happy, you enjoy the music.
        When you are sad, you understand the lyrics.

                                     8th truth
                   Two things define you in life
                             Your Patience
                    ' When you have nothing'
                              Your Attitude
                    'When you have everything'.

                                  9th Truth
                Whatever we hear is an opinion
                              Not a  Fact.
                Whatever we see is  a perspective.

                                 10th truth
                Anyone who does'nt take
                        In small matters,
        Cannot be trusted  in large ones either. 

                               11th Truth
       Men occasionally stumble upon the 
      But most of them pick themselves up
                As if nothing has happened.

                             12th Truth
         Never forget what people tell you when 
                        They are angry 
        That's when the Truth comes out.

     Written for Write Tribe Pro Blogger week 4 day28
      Quotes taken from google.