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northern lights

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Punjabi food for my Malyali husband.

After reading Nabanita's interesting post, how she cooked Bengali food for her U.P.ite hubby, I got an inspiration to cook Punjabi food for my Keralite husband. Before I start I must state that he used  to  love Kerala food  so much that he hardly liked something else. This was the situation fifty five years ago, when we got married.Now he relishes Punjabi cuisine. Of course many times he becomes nostalgic and craves for Kerala food, which my Malyali daughter in law makes with great finesse. 
  I will write a recipe for  Cholle Bhature, which is his most favorite dish.
Cholle(White Chana)
1 Cholle  big ones     1 cup
2.Cooking soda    1/4th tea spoon
3. Black masalas  (black pepper, amchur, coriander powder, garam masala)
                               all combined 1 table spoon.
4. Tea leaves  tied in  clean hanky    1 table spoon                              
5.Salt  to taste.
6. Tomato    1.
7.Onion      1
8 Cooking oil   3to 4 table spoons
9.Coriander leaves  1/2 sprig finely cut.

This is a time saving recipe, made in a very simple method, and awesome to taste)

1. I don't soak cholle in water at night. 
Wash the cholle very well. Put them in an air tight
casserole. Boil 3 cups of water and add to the cholle. Add baking soda and tightly close the casserole. The cholle will be very well soaked and ready for cooking, within an hour.
2.Add the cholle in a pressure cooker, add the tied tea leaves, all the masalas, ginger and salt. Boil for about 10 minutes on slow heat.
3. Remove from the heat and lightly mash the cholle. They should neither be too watery nor too dry.
4 Keep on medium gas and slowly add the oil.  Mix lightly.
5. Remove and put them in a serving dish. Add roundly cut tomato, onion, green chillies and coriander  leaves and serve. 

Bhature  Ingredients
1. Maida  3 cups
2. Baking powder  i/4 teaspoon
3. Soda          1 pinch
4 Potatoes     3 small
5.Oil for deep frying
6.Salt  1 pinch
7 Curds    3 table spoons.
 Mix the maida, soda and baking powder very well.
Boil the potatoes and mash them in the maida . Add the curd and salt.Add 1 spoon of oil and mix like bread crumbs.
Now add water slowly and make a firm dough. Keep the dough covered with a cloth for about an hour. Keep oil for heating.
Make a  roll, slightly bigger than a  chappati and fry  in medium hot oil on both sides like a puri.

Written for Write Tribe Pro Bloggers Week 4  day 26
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  1. Glad you got inspired from my post Ushaji...I love both punjabi and keralite food :) And chole bhature I love so much what to say :)

    1. I don't know how to make any Bangla dish. I'll love to prepare one, if you post a recipe.

  2. Should remember to come meet you for delicious chhole bature when in Delhi, Usha ji :) and for the Keralite food too. Both sound delicious.

    1. You are most welcome, Leo ! So, when are you coming to Delhi ?

  3. yummmm I need to learn the art of Bhature... I am so hopeless at that :D thanks for the recipe :)

    1. Rajlakshmi, now you can prepare it. Hope you will like it.

  4. As soon as I return from Bombay,I am coming over

  5. Chole Bhature should be national dish of North India,

    Iss Jeevan Ka Yahi Hai Rangroop

    1. Yes Cifar Shayar , you are correct.

  6. The Batura recipe is new to me, for I have never heard anybody mix boiled potatoes to the flour, must be very tasty.Thanks for sharing the recipes here.

    1. Rama you will relish it. It becomes very tasty after adding potatoes.

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