northern lights

northern lights

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Why did he fail?

 Mohan appeared for the 10th class board  exam. He was very happy that he did all his papers very well. When the result  came, he  had failed. He insisted that there was some error and the Social Studies paper should be got  rechecked. An application for rechecking was submitted. His answers in the examination paper are given below. You decide whether the paper was correctly marked.
 Q1.In which battle did Tipu Sultan die?
Ans. In the last battle.
Q2.Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Ans.  At the bottom of the page.
Q3.What is the main  reason  for divorce?
Ans.  Marriage
Q4.In which State does the Ganges river flow?
Ans. In a  liquid State.
Q5. When was Mahatma Gandhi born?
Ans. On his birthday.
Q6. Where does the Rashtrapati stay?
Ans In his house.
 His father  could  not read  more. He  told his son  sarcastically, "You have made me proud." The son answered,"After all I  belong to your blood".

Written for Write Tribe Pro Blogger  week 4  Day 27.


  1. haha! Usha Ma'am! I couldn't stop myself bursting..khandaan ka naam roshan kiya:)