northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 19 December 2014

Ah! the flowers that could not bloom!

                                                          Ah! we are crushed flowers
                                                          by  some wretched  animals
                                                          Yes, animals were they all
                                                          who could not see us smile.
                                                          Their garden sans flowers
                                                          they know not the perfume
                                                          each budding flower spreads
                                                          cheer,  happiness and glee.

                                                         Our caretaker left  all alone
                                                         mourning his lost love forever.
                                                         choked throat,tears  dried
                                                         none to see his pain and sorrow.
                                                         Never again will  any little bud
                                                         adorn his withered garden..
                                                         O maker of the wide world!
                                                        why this  violence, onslaught!!

                                                        The tender flowers harm no one,
                                                        they spread only peace and love
                                                        for no fault, their innocence slayed
                                                        at the hands of cruel  and heartless .    
                                                        Oh god, give these senseless humans
                                                       wisdom  to stop this  cruel massacre.
                                                       The world suffers immense  grief
                                                       stop this ruthless, brutal barbarity .        



  1. It's very distressing that innocent children spreading love met with hatred. You've expressed your emotions so powerfully and I can feel your pain & angst at such vile crime.

  2. True, those buds couldn't bloom and experience what is kept in store for them.Touchingly-worded. Even a couple of tear drops my eyes dropped.i too have poured out my anguish.please visit.

  3. Prayer for peshawar moms :(

  4. World order is changing to terrorism while powerful in the world are helpless watchers

  5. Your poem so well expresses the sadness, grief, and anger of recent current affairs. Such a shame the flowers couldn't bloom. <3

    1. Elly, when I think of that incident, my throat gets a choked feeling..