northern lights

northern lights

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

why this discrimination ?

  A  Hindi  Poet's famous  lines  "Nari jiwan teri yehi kahani, aanchal men hai dudh aur aakhon men paani,"written more than four decades ago.holds true  even today. The modern society proclaims that there is no discrimination against women, but in reality it is otherwise. I read in today's newspaper that a famous TV star was  publicly beaten because she was wearing revealing clothes. What dress an individual wears, is a matter of  individual  choice. It is not  for others to dictate what dress a lady should wear.Another incident that I read in the newspaper, was about a lady, working in the IT sector was scolded by her boss for wearing revealing clothes in the office. She clarified that she was decently dressed according to the dress code prescribed by the office.Moreover, no dress code is prescribed for men. Why this discrimination? There is no answer!!
                                                                        Some days back I read about  a very brutal incident which took place in one of the metropolitan cities of India. A girl, studying in college fell in love with a boy  belonging to  another caste. She informed her parents about her intention to marry the boy. As expected the parents did not respond. The lovers got married in an Arya Samaj Temple and got the marriage registered. Both of them were  major and entitled to marry according the Hindu  Marriage Act. They were very happy.  After two weeks, the young couple was surprised to see the girl's parents in their newly built nest. They showered both of them with endearing words. They told them that they wished to get them married in their own house with great affection and respect. The couple was really happy that they finally got the blessings from their elders. They  took their daughter with them after fixing a date for their marriage.  The girl was apprehensive, but the boy told her that the parents always love their children and her parents also had realised that  they were wrong and wanted to rectify their fault. 
                                   The next day the boy came to know that it was all a show off by the girl's marriage. After they reached home, they killed their own daughter mercilessly. It was so shocking for the boy that he fainted and was removed to the hospital by the neighbors. 
                               Such 'honour killings' are reported many times through various sources.In this case another bitter truth was highlighted after some days.  The parents who killed their only daughter cruelly and mercilessly had a double face. Their own son had married a girl  belonging to another caste, was welcomed by the family.In this case, no fuss was made. Why?
Why?? Why this discrimination???

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  1. Absolutely.I am waiting for someone to give a hard slap to Aamir Khan for wearing just a radio set.

  2. It doesn't make sense to the normal people. I don't understand either "Why this discrimination!".

  3. Sadly, this discrimination exists in every sphere of life. The more people rise up on social media about equal rights, equality and the likes, the more regressive attitudes continue to have a pervasive influence in our society.