northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The arrival of cold

Cold has arrived in Delhi with a bang.Even though  officially the winter season starts immediately after Diwali.This  year there was no trace of cold. People attributed it to the early arrival of Diwali.  The festival came and went away but it was still quite warm. Some A/C's and fans were still on. Many  people took out their woollens, expecting the on slaught of cold days but they were let down. After waiting for an opportunity to use their suits and lovely shawls, one  by one they were again  put back in their storage boxes. Men generally love to wear suits, because they feel they look smart in suits. Thus , their disappointment was understandable.On the other hand, in winter evening parties, ladies are seen without any woollen dress.  May be to show off themselves.  If questioned  they  phoo phoo the statement that it is very cold. But look at the ladies  like me, who have officially entered old age,  draped in woollens from top to bottom and still complaining of cold. Oh, I have transgressed from the topic! I was  speaking about late arrival of winter.
                                    While some people argued that it was the effect of global warming, some reasoned that it was due to shedding down large number of trees  and some others thought that it was the effect of over population which cluttered the city. The month of November and early December  were proclaimed by Newspapers to be the warmest months in the last hundred years.As if to prove the newspapers wrong, the mercury started dipping. On Sunday, the 14th December, people got up to welcome a cloudy morning. Slowly cold wind took over and reached the peak . It started raining  heavily in the late afternoon.Chilly winds are making their presence felt. Finally the  cold has arrived!


  1. Though late,it wasn't never.In kerala also Autumn becomes lazy and appears in August-September where as Nature had allotted it June and the subsequent months.

    1. Kerala is pleasant throughout the year.