northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 29 December 2014

On the thresh hold of a New Year


Happy New Year 2015

 The  dawn of New Year 2015 is within sight now!It has come arousing new hopes and aspirations in the heart  of every individual.  Given below is  a short poem to welcome the new year.
Good bye old year,
Past  waits for you.
Now old, infirm and  bent
go rest in the lap of infinity.
Hide all the violence and rage 
in the silent womb of eternity.
Allow the future to adopt peace
never to bring back bane discord.
Let humanity erase from memory
the jarring notes of incivility.

Christmas Tree Vector Illustration 1

Welcome new year 
two thousand fifteen.
We wait for you with alacrity 
looking  forward  joyful  glee.
What does a man aspire for
peace in the universe all around.
Why this fight for superiority
none will gain from strife and war
abandon  all awful monstrosity.

Christmas Tree Vector Illustration 1

Welcome,New Year  with glory
bring  peace, plenty, love and unity,
fresh like dew drops of harmony.
Humanity full of love  and hope
may live a life of splendour.
Ill thoughts, hunger,violence,
malice, banish from vocabulary. 
Little flowers bloom and smile
spread sweet fragrance to create

vector heart flowers and heart...vector heart flowers and heart...vector heart flowers and heart...

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  1. beautiful lines!! wish you and your family an happy new year too!!

  2. Let's hope for a better year, Usha Ma'am looking at 2014 that seemed to be bad for many. A refreshing poem filled with positive vibes.
    Happy New Year:)