northern lights

northern lights

Friday, 22 January 2016

smile,smile and smile

                                               A smiling face always attracts. Whether you know the person or not, a smile  always attracts smile from another person. The impact of the smile is immediate. Whereas a smile can make a friend instantly, no body likes a glum or a serious face.  smile  is infectious. A person with a morose face is shunned .
              There are several benefits of smiling.   Have you ever seen an animal smiling.He is much lower in the the ranking of living beings. People throng around a person who has a witty and  humourous  demeanour.  During elections and other public speeches, a  person who dwells on laughter is much more  successful in collecting  votes for his party. Even if a  speech has less material and more laughter it attracts more listeners.
         In a  house where the speakers are happy go lucky, are always smiling and are always more popular. There is no place for gloom. Our smile can change our and other people's fortune. Laughing loudly opens up  our lungs and nose and keeps us healthy. The  person who laughs,  spreads laughter in others.  You must have heard the saying,''If you laugh you are surrounded  by  many, if you cry,  you cry alone''. Robert Frost said,'' If we could'nt laugh, we would all be insane.'  Laughter  is the most priceless commodity which drives away our woes. Even a teacher who keeps smiling in the class is conveys  a positive approach.
     I remember a short story which was very often narrated by my father. I  wish to relate it here. There was an old man,called Patt. He was very possessive. He never   parted from his things.
Everyday he counted all his possessions.  One day a boy about ten years. who lived in the neighboured met with an accident and lost his eyes. His mother's shock and sorrow was unbearable. Patt was their neighbour. He could not see the misery of the mother/son. He donated one of his eyes to make the family smile,smile and smile.When people asked him why did he donate his eye.His reply was that the child had a long way to go. I shared my one eye with the small child to see cheer on their lips.

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