northern lights

northern lights

Monday, 18 January 2016


 A house on fire. It is so scary.    Fire emitting from all sides. No one taking any initiative to  put off the fire. Oh no ,this is not the fire which erupts  from  fire.  The fire burns material objects.  The fire I am  referring to,  is a fun to watch.What is this fire? Is it a bon-fire? No, it is not a bon fire but it is as if the whole town is set on fire. People run feverishly around as if they are participating in a race.
In a  house on the corner of  the road is a daily occurrence.   First  let me introduce the lady of the house. She was a big boss in an office and wants the same authoritative  system . Her husband is a quiet person. He is satisfied  if he gets his morning tea in time. With out tea he is like a roaring lion They have a son, good for nothing. There is a widowed girl, who came back to her parents house.There is no one who is responsible for the running of  the house.To top it all, there is a daily  ritual there was no milk sometime, or no sugar or tea leaves in the house.A small servant boy, woken up harshly is deputed  to borrow  the item from the neighbouring house; There is always a deafening 
 noise from the house. The neighbour houses also add to this pandemoniom. To top it all loud music of all sorts adds a new flavour  to this hooohullaaaa. No one is concerned about saving elecricity or water.
                                    Then comes the parking of cars! These days many families have two or three cars and quarrels on this issue are very common. Moreover the vehicles take too much  space and prevent smooth movement of traffic. This is a scenario during day time. At night  the  scene is no better, Infact it is worse. People drive  their cars  at high speed and do not use their dim  lights, resulting in threat  to other vehicles.
 How is the situation in your city/town?



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  1. A sharp observation Ma'am on life in the neighborhood. Quite an interesting tale to tell.