northern lights

northern lights

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Looking for a maid

       Once you decide to appoint a maid, whom you  interviewed, did she tell you about the terms and conditions  of her service?' If  she did not lay down any conditions of her service  let me note down some of their special qualities, which you will come across. by and by.Younger generation is not familiar with the tactics of this genes, which they use to exploit the young and innocent  employers. Maids are now not like olden days when they were obedient, respectful and punctual. They used to comply with any order given by any member of the family. Now see the 'values' and their 'conditions' that they lay down when they are appointed.
1. She will have a weekly off, preferably on a Sunday.You have no reply, but to agree.
2.  She will be on half day  'chutti' to visit  the temple/ church/ mosque of the religion they believe in.
3.  She will daily see her favourite  programme on TV.
4. She will use the telephone, when ever she wants.
(She heard the family discussion that they were using their office telephone and saving the house telephone bill.)
5, Early morning tea,she will not make.
6.Every year her salary must be increased by 10 percent.
7 She will require new clothes every six months
8  She will not work beyond 10 pm. 
9.She will  be provided toiletries every month.
10 She must get new dress after every six months.
         They are generally so dominating, that you get fed up with them but do not have the 'courage' to oppose them. I have high lighted some of their habits. There may be more demands in their daily life ,which you may have to tolerate.
Through this post my intention is not to degrade this category of workers. They are also human beings who are endowed  with good qualities too and become a part of the family. Even  when they are gone, you remember them as part of your  family.
So wish you  happy times with your maid!! 


  1. There are many households who are exploited and dunno where to look out. That's how the maids abuse of the power in their hands and unreasonable demands. Nowadays, many act like the boss. very well said, Usha Ma'am.

    1. Thank you VishalOnly thing is that we cannot manage with them

  2. All your points are correct,Ushaji.