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northern lights

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Humour in The Class Room

 Humour in the classroom

Humour  is the spice of life. Without humour  life  will be dull. We  come across several instances in every day life  which make us laugh. Some times we even laugh  at the cost of others . Such humour is garish  which  hurts the feelings of  others.There are occasions when unintentionally we utter words  which are  spoken without  giving a second thought as to what we are saying    and  which     may pierce  the heart of  others. This must  be condemned. Such humour will come in the category of barb. 
          In  our work place we encounter many  situations  which humour us. I will confine myself to a few  such  situations  which occurred  within the precincts of  schools. I recollect  a funny situation which I had to face on the very first day  when I was promoted as a Principal and went to report for duty. I was posted to a tented school. It was the month of July when after the rains  it becomes very humid. I reached the school.Nobody knew me.I entered the  tent which  was the office of the In charge.  I found her surrounded by at least ten or twelve teachers One teacher was standing behind the In charge and 'fanning'    her   No body noticed me. After about ten minutes a teacher asked me curtly,"What  do you want? Madam is very busy. Come tomorrow."I just said in a       very cool  demeanour,"I have come to join."Immediately they all said in a chorus that there is no vacancy  in this school.. I  said  , "I have come to join  as Principal".This had an electrifying effect.Within  seconds the crowded tent  looked  deserted. Only the Principal and the 'fanning' teacher were left.I sat down.At jet speed the fanning teacher came and stood behind me and started fanning.I was furious and told her that I should not see   the fan again. Even though I felt annoyed at that  moment, but when I remember that incident  I feel amused.
 Another  funny incident  which  I would like to  narrate pertains to an examination centre. I along with four colleagues  paid a surprise visit to one  rural  area centre. As soon as we entered the corridor, we were shocked that bundles and bundles of books, notebooks, guides and what not showered on us like flying saucers. The same  thunder fell upon us through the windows and ventilators as we crossed  from one class  to another. What  a welcome!! We all had a hearty laugh after leaving the centre.
    Another hilarious episode which comes to mind  took place in the Economics class. The teacher was teaching about banking. One girl was  sleeping in the class. The teacher's  shark eyes noticed  her. He immediately called out the girl's name.She got up with a start  and was confronted with a question,"how many types  of interest are there."? The girl, without even blinking her eyes  replied ,"sir, there are two types of interest' .Apparently pleased with this answer the teacher  paid her a compliment, and  asked her to proceed. The girl gained  confidence and replied, "Sir my first interest is  in your subject, Economics, because you teach us nicely  and second interest is my dog ,who also  loves me.' The whole class burst  into wild laughter and the poor teacher walked out in disgust.
    Once  a girl's sister was getting married and she sent an application for leave which was read out to the class.A portion, which I still remember goes on as follows,"sir as my father is marrying my sister  on(the date)  I will not be obligated to attend   school. Sir I  did  not tell you before this  because I did not want to embrace(embarrass) you........"          
 I  will conclude this with one more incident.A teacher was posted in a  rural  area, where  tbhe spoken language had regional flavour. She entered  the class with great enthusiasm. She  however could not   control the class. The monitor got up and  shouted,Tumau sab kahe chup naa hovey?  Dekha naahi bhenji kab se bhaunk rahi se? freely translated  the child said  'Why are you all not keeping quiet? Dont you see that madam is barking for so much time?'
   There are several such episodes which we come across everyday. Will some one like to contribute?


  1. These are some really funny and fun incidents that you shared Ma'am!!
    Remembering such incidents from the past, truly brighten our days!! :)