northern lights

northern lights

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Grand Mother's Musings

“A garden  of love grows in  the grandmothers  heart.”These are the famous words of an unknown  author. While  going  through a news paper I came across the  quotation  mentioned above, which immediately caught my  attention. I read them again  and again.The more I read these words, the more  deeply they  moved  my heart. How true  are these words!!  Each petal, each stem and  each bud growing in the grandmother’s heart  is fully drenched in the love and affection of her grand children!!

Becoming   grandparents  is  an honour,  a reward and a  wonderful repast.  I personally feel that  the arrival of  a grand child is  much more rejuvenating  and fulfilling, than when your own child is born. In olden days the grandparents were not  so much involved in the upbringing of the grand  child. With the passage of time  the grand parents  have been  placed  on a   higher  pedestal. The grandmothers are now educated and   
mart . With the changing trends in society  more  and more housewives are taking up jobs  outside.The role and the importance of the grandmother  has  shot up manifold’.The children get closer to the granny. Many schools  have also realised the  special bond between the  GM(grand mother) and GC(grand child)
 I am a grand mom of four grown up grand children. All the four are now more than 18 years and above. I remember  how each and every  innocent  prank of  these little ones made  us ecstatic. I recall that I used to be invited  to various schools   as chief guest . Occasionally I used to take my elder  grand daughter  with me.She was  very fond of dancing(even now she loves to dance). She had no inhibitions.In the midst of some dance,she would jump down from the  dais  and join the  children  performing  on the stage. There was great applause   in the  hall. When we   delve into the past,we feel thrilled   by recalling their  innocent actions and talks. The younger grand daughter  used to go to school by a taxi.She wanted to sit by the side of a window but the other girls  would overpower her.  One day she came home crying. (I cannot see small children crying) .  She told us that nobody allows her to sit near the window. My husband  told her  something, which made her laugh  whole heartedly. Next day she announced  in the  taxi ”my grand pa  eats  small  girls for  breakfast.” All the children   were terrified and tried to  hide in the back seat. How innocent are small children!! The next day onward  our little one  got the window seat.  After some  days my husband   told all those baby girls that  he does not eat children   and that they were all good girls and  should be friendly with everyone. He gave toffees to those children. This assurance  made them happy
W e have two grand sons. We love them . The elder one  is brilliant. He loves to participate in Quiz competitions He has travelled far and wide  and brought several awards. He achieved Ist rank in the PMT(pre medical  test) and made the family proud. The younger one is very  creative. Once  his school organised  Grand parents  day.  While other children left their grand parents  alone our little  child proved to be a very good host. This child  is  very responsible  right from childhood. When he was three years old,  he went to US with his parents.He was very particular about the safety  of the Passports and  ensured that the  Passports were  safe in his custody.  How cute!!             

We are very proud of our grand children.They are also  very fond of us. Their love and affection for us  sustains us.  I close this post with  the remarks made by our two elder grandchildren  in my book’The Reverse Gear’ about me.

My granddaughter proclaimed that I have  silver in my hair and gold in  my  heart. And my grandson observed that I was  getting better  with age….. also  my  technological skill and sharpness of mind was increasing.
 May God Bless Them.