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northern lights

Saturday, 20 October 2012

If I had the power to change someting I would have....

If I had the power to change something I would have

Today India is standing at cross roads.We have achieved  great heights in many sectors which has increased the prestige  of our country.  The country is progressing towards becoming the next super power. In the sphere of Science and technology India has taken big  strides. For example, our Metro is one  achievement which has increased  the prestige of  our  country. The world powers are now realising  the strength of India's  will  and determination to achieve greater heights. The construction of roads and toll bridges which are comparable to  international standards. have been built.In the field of  Information Technology we have been very successful  and have  been acknowledged  as  a leader. At the level of higher Education we have made great strides.Our IITs and Research Institutes can compete  with  the comparable Institutions  in the world.Our students coming out of these institutions are  doing very well in  domestic as well as at International level.
 In contrast, the situation at the grass root levels, specially at the Primary and  the Secondary Education sectors,  is far from satisfactory. We are  an emerging Economic Power. In  the Education Sector  the Govt. has released  funds  but  the expanding  population  neutralises the effort.  Even though the number of schools  has increased manifold, we have not been able to attain the desired results.The primary and Secondary Education  is lagging behind.The Govt. has given several incentives to attract  children to schools but alas! it has  not been able to attract students to the  class rooms. The pupils have been lured to the classroom by giving them  incentives like free  dress, free tuition fee,  and free mid day meals. These sumptuous  incentives have  made only a marginal difference. 
            In   the year 2009  the Govt.  introduced  the  scheme of  Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation Scheme (CCE) for schools. This Scheme was formulated with the aim of reducing stress from the minds of young children. The Scheme  was well concieved but poorly impemented. This scheme envisages that the child's progress will be evaluated  throughout the year instead of at the end of the academic year. The Scheme was introduced without much groundwork,with the result that  it has created discipline problem in Schools. The students are aware that  at the end of the year they will be promoted to the next class. I have personally spoken to many Heads of schools who feel that  this Scheme has increased the element of indiscipline. The  majority of the children passing out of these schools will end up as Carpenters, Plumbers, Electricians. etc. The Teacher is a hapless  and helpless  spectator of this situation. She cannot even touch the child, what to talk of beating him. Those days ,when we were students, the situation was   so different.If  I  had the power to change some thing I would have changed the entire  fabric of School Education 
Some of the steps to improve the system as envisaged by me are given below:-
1. The teachers are the backbone of any system. They can make or mar any innovation. Every teacher, I mean one hundred percent of them, should be taken on board. They should be convinced about the utility of any system introduced or proposed to be introduced. 
2. The help of the electronic and print media should be sought to propagate the  positive aspects  of the scheme.  and introduce the parents to it  and increase their confidence in the measures taken.
3.Evaluation on a regular basis and strict compliance  the provisions .thereof are undoubtedly the best insurance for its success. 
4. Is it wisdom to promote children indiscrimiately to the next class without a healthy examination system which used to be the norm in earlier days?  What should have been done is to reform and reinvigorate  the old pattern instead of discarding it altogether.
5. Indiscipline is rampant in schools. Children have lost all fear and respect for their teachers. A healthy respect for the teacher should be restored. Some punitive measures will have to be brought in place to discipline the child. Parents have by and large failed to cultivate values in children presuming that teachers would take care of this aspect. The result is neither the parents nor the teachers are doing enough for the welfare of the child. It looks as if all have abdicated their responsibility towards the child. We should all rise as one person to remedy the situation and rescue the child from  further devastation.

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  1. I would agree with you.but,at the speed with which are making and accepting corruption in high places of power-----India may not really go too far..
    India needs to buck up on
    1...Give up minority appeasement policy.
    2...Invest heavily in diplomacy
    3...Take extra care on external security